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ALPHA SISTER #1 - PAGE #18 to #25

PAGE #18, PANEL #1]

Back to that fight at the university that started on Page #16, Faye has to deal with three villains: Opal, Daymare, & Lawbreaker

Faye: 2 + 6 = 8
Opal: 1 + 5 = 6
Daymare: 4 + 2 = 6
Lawbreaker: 1 + 4 = 5

Faye will start this page of the battle at this point. We have a tie between Opal and Daymare. Dice off! Opal: 1. Daymare: 3.

Battle Order: Faye, Daymare, Opal & Lawbreaker

Back at the location of the University fight, Faye swings towards with Daymare's location

Faye: 2 + 7 = 9
Daymare: 5 + 6 = 11
9 – 11 = -2. Moderate Failure.

[PAGE #18, PANEL #2]

A metal blast from Daymare hits Faye's swinging rope in mid hair.

[PAGE #18, PANEL #3]

Faye: 1 + 6 = 7.
DN: 2 + 9 = 11

7 – 11 = - 4. Major Failure

Faye: 5 + 1 = 6
Strength Check: 5 + 9 = 14
6 – 14 = -8. Massive Failure.

2d6: 7
18 + 7 = 25. Page #25.

Faye attempted to do triple somersault in the air but she landed hard on her on her stomach and she was out like a light bulb.

Opal stated, “Let's get the item that we after while's she's out cold.”

Lawbreaker stated, “Agree.”

[PAGE, #19, PANEL #1]

As two members of Alpha Sisters: Lava, Demgel, . – still at their main headquarters. She saw Shadow and Terra walk in....

Lava remarked, “You two look like you saw a ghost.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #2]

Terra stated, “Cthulhu spawn.”

Shadow added, “No thanks to Daymare's illusions.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #3]

Demgel asked. “So where's Faye?”

Before Terra and Shadow can asked, a call come into the Alpha Sister's HQ.

[PAGE #19, PANEL #4]

On the video screen was the dean of the University, “Faye got knock out by some villains that attacked us .They stole a “The Universe That Come Before This Universe” item. One of our scientist had make some guesses to what happens they might be after next – and then transport them to your
HQ. As for Faye, she will be recovering one of our empty dorm rooms, with a security guard placed in front of her room – so the kids won't be bugging her.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #5]

Shadow stated: “Speaking of kids, where's Muse at.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #6]

The video screen to show Diamond in her usual super-heroing outfit remarked, “Hi, Alpha Sisters.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #7]

Terra stated, “What's up?”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #8]

Diamond remarked, “Nothing much. I invite you all into a special press show at my headquarters.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #9]

Demgel stated, “With expection of Faye, we will be there with bell one.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #10]

Diamond stated, “Now that's what I call arriving in style. See you there.”

[PAGE #19, PANEL #11]

Shadow stated, “Any idea of what was that about?”

Everyone else shrugged their shoulders to the best of their abilities.

[PAGE #20, PANEL #1]

As 4/6th of Alpha Sisters entered Diamond’s press room, Diamond come out. She was wearing her usual super-heroing outfit as usual. Diamond stated, “Long time ago, I attempted to create a robot to be used a sidekick. But somehow, she left with some kind of damage and become a career in crime kept battling one of the Alpha Sisters-- Terra – usually when she wasn't working with the Alpha Sisters – but that changed of a few weeks ago when she joined up with Lawbreaker, Tech King, Opal, Daymare and Takiga.”

[PAGE #20, PANEL #2]

Shadow remarked, “That's old news. Tell me something I don't know.”

Diamond yelled, “Please wait. The peanut gallery will get it chance to make comments later.”

The audience laugh at Shadow.

[PAGE #20, PANEL #3]

Diamond remarked, “In one of the battle, Ariel got her head really wreck. Lucky her CPU was in her chest. One of the Alpha Sister, Muse, brought her back to me and got me to rebuild her the way she was originally design for – being a super-hero.”

Muse walk out with Ariel.

[PAGE #20, PANEL #4]

Terra remarked, “Well, color me surprise.”

[PANEL #21, PANEL #1]

A thrown sword is stuck in a TV set.

[PANEL #21,, PANEL #2]

As Opal takes her sword out of the TV set, she remarked, “Now, I know how Elvis felt when he shot the TV,”

[PANEL #21, PANEL #3]

Daymare remarked, “We need anew members! The number of Omega Sister has to equal the number of Alpha Sisters!”

[PANEL #22, PANEL #4]

Tech King remarked, “Seven – if Ariel joins them. Eight – if Diamond joins in as well.”

[PANEL #22,PANEL #5]

Takiga remarked,”I think we don't have to worry about Diamond. The last time she joined a team. It give new meaning the words – to quote – an annoying epic failure – end quote.”

[PANEL #232 PANEL #6]

Opal remarked, “Then we go looking for other super-villains!”

[PANEL #23, PANEL #1]

Back at Alpha Sister's HQ, Shadow remarked, “We kept getting knock around like football by those Omega Troubles!”

[PANEL #24, PANEL #2]

Demgel remarked, “Agreed. And it's not help with Daymare and Lawbreaker's illusions!”

[PANEL #24, PANEL #3]

Shadow asked, “Muse. Do you think Ariel and Diamond will join us?”

[PANEL #24, PANEL #4]

Muse stated, “Ariel is a sure bet after she heard the story of what happen to her – she wants to make up for the trouble she caused Terra.””

Terra stated, “Good.” She paused before, “And what about Diamond?”

Muse remarked, “Though Diamond decide not to. She told me that last time she joined a team it give new meaning to the words: an annoying epic failure.”

[PANEL #24, PANEL #5]

Shadow asked, “Once, Faye recovered from that fight. We going to look up some other heroes.”

[PAGE #25, PANEL #1]

Faye remarked as she awaken up in a regular college dorm room circled by the Alpha Sister, “Not again.”

[PAGE #25, PANEL #2]

Muse remarked, “Yep. Lucky, we were able to damage Ariel good enough that I was able to force Diamond to programmed in her “so-called hero stat.”

[PAGE #25, PANEL #3]

Faye stated, “Anything else?”

[PANEL #25, PANEL #4]

Faye remarked, “Is Ariel or Diamond joining us?”'

[PANEL #25, PANEL #5]

Muse answered, “Ariel is willing. Diamond is holding of. Last time, she joined a team – it give new meaning to the following words......”

Faye added, “An epic failure.”

[PANEL#25, PANEL #6]

Muse stated, “The team's thinking of getting a new hero to help out. We going to need two. If I have feeling that the Omega Troubles are going to the same thing....."

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