Monday, April 29, 2013

CAH - The Mermaid Squad Plot

The Mermaid Squad episode for May needs a plot. I'm going to roll on a special table I had that list all most kind of goal for the good guys.  I will you the rolls and what I got -- and just in case it takes me a long time to come up with a plan, it will start after the following jump cut

  1. 11 = Scout (No idea)
  2. 1 = Capture (No idea)
  3. 3 = Deliver (No idea)
  4. 5 = Escape (No idea)
  5. 2 = Defend (No idea)
  6. 6 = Fix (No idea)
  7. 4 = Destroy (Got idea)

Someone had created a weather machine to do some series damage. Only one character in the series is smart enough to do this The Big Bad of the series:. Dr. Snot.And with Dr. Snot comes his robot aide, Dare. So, the next post will have the villan's status.

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