Monday, April 1, 2013

[Apriil Fools Day 2013] News

No idea what to do for April right now, but they is some news

A YouTube had post of a lot of news from the entire game world from. The following is some items of  what the YouTube poster covers

  • Mega Man 11 will make it's appearance at E3 this year. Aslo included is "Mega Man 6" for the Nintendo 3DS, "Mega Man Legends 3", and "Capcom Vs Nintendo."
  • Speaking of Mega Man, the YouTube poster report on what going to happen to Archie's Mega Man once he gets out his crossover with Sonic.
    • Mega Man will get his half of his face melted off by Break Man's Buster. His face is repaired by Dr. Light, Roll and Auto.
    • Beside the original eight Robot Masters -- Splash Woman and Concrete Man join in the "Super Adventure Rockman" based-arc. Concrete Man will smashed Bubble Man while Splash Woman cool off Heat Man.  
    • After the "Super Adventure Rockman" arc is done. The origin of Tempo/Quake Woman in two parts.
      • Part #1 will take Tempo from her active though her accident.
      • Part #2 will take Tempo from the aftermath of the accident to the aftermath of the A.R.T.S/Emerald Spears business.
    • A Halloween base story in which Tempo plays a fake ghost.
    • In Nov. 2013, Mega Man will meet up with Dr. Harriet Greenleaf, Harvey's older sister and the reason that he created Emerald Spears in the first place.
    • In Jan. 2014's issue, Dr. Wily owns Mega Man on and he decide to pay by working on a robot with Dr. Light, which in due time will become the arc based on "Mega Man 3", which is called, "Gamma Business". 
    • The "Gamma Business" will be six issues. 
  •  He has list of series that will appear to "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3"
  • Superman and Supergirl will get a Sliver-Age based RPG for Playstation 3, Will U, XBox 360 and Nintendo 3DS.

Just follow the link to the YouTube poster's channel: SercetGamingNewsChannel.

Guess what day is it?


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