Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mermaid Squad's Stats

This is only the main four mermaids for the series......


“The Witty Mermaid”,
Traits: Mermaid 6, Punster 5, Tricky 5, Sword 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory],
Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 11, Battling Rating 6
Subplots: No Legs
PoPPs = 28

Appearance: Alice appears as a red-hair teenage mermaid with her chest area covered by a blue and white stripped dress. There is a special red belt with a buckle shape in the letter “A” that contains her sword--hanging just bit before her body turns from human to fish. Her tail is a red as her hair.

Background: Alice is one of the four female teenagers kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She did not know her real name—and so she named Alice by the book loving May so May can talk with out calling her a mermaid.

Personality: Alice is quiet and usually has many questions about mermaids. Sometimes, Alice used as a guinea pig for May’s study of mermaids. When in battle, Alice puts her sword to good use against all that is rotten. She has a good rival going with Dorothy.


“The Smart Mermaid”
Traits: Smart 7, Mermaid 6, Long Staff 5 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Medical 2, Repair 4, Siren Speeder 7 [Vehicle; Traits: Maneuverability 4, Speed 7, Laser Guns 7 [Enhancer +4 ]
Stats: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 7
Subplot: Has an ego & No Legs
PoPPs = 40

Appearance: Charlotte appears as black-haired teenage mermaid. Her chest area covered up by a waterproofed black blouse. Near the end of the blouse, there is her white belt with a buckle in the shape of the letter “C” containing her staff. Her trail is black.

Background: She is one of the teenage girls kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She was called Charlotte because May need a name for her.

Personality: Charlotte is very polite—hardly anything gets her steamed up. She has an ego when one of her inventions works. She has discovered that it is impossible to cure—if Dr. Snot did not revere the group back to being eggs, they might have been a medium chance of getting their legs back. She is usually the one driving the Siren Speeder, the Mermaid’s speedboat.

Vehicle Appearance: The Siren Speeder is a light green speed boat with four sliver seats and in the back of the speedboat they is a gray laser cannon. It's usually piloted by Charlotte.
Vehicle Stats: Threshold 11


“The Mermaid Squad’s Leader”
Traits: Leadership 7, Resourceful 6, Mermaid 6, Crossbow 5 [Enhancer +3, Accessory],
States: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 7
Subplots: Mermaid Squad Leader & No Legs
PoPPs = 32

Appearance: Dorothy appears as a blonde hair teenage mermaid. A white blouse with a pocket covers her chest area. The outside of the pocket has the letter “D” on it. Inside the pocket is where Dorothy puts her crossbow when not in use.

Background: Dorothy is one of the four teenage girls kidnapped by Dr. Snot. She was named Dorothy because May need a name for her.

Personality: Dorothy is friendly to all most of citizens of New Tokyo, Florida. She is quite close to their founder, May O’Brian. She has leaded the group against vile villains that attacks the town.


“The Weird Mermaid”
Traits: Tricky 6, Whip 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Mermaid 6
States: Oomph 2, Threshold 10, Battling Rating 6
Subplots: No Legs & Loves Fast Food
PoPPs = 21

Appearance: Pippi appears as a brown-haired teenage mermaid. A yellow blouse covers her chest area. Near the end of the blouse, there is a belt with a belt buckle in the shape of the letter “P”. The belt buckle hides Pippi’s weapon. Pippi’s trail is orange.

Background: Pippi is one of the four teenage girls that Dr. Snot kidnapped. May named her Pippi so that May can talk to Pippi like a normal human being.

Personality: In her own words, Pippi stated, “I’m the weird one of this group”. She has her weird tastes—and weird habits. Some times, Pippi’s weirdness can save the day from any evil that comes the Mermaid Squad’s way. She is the one that usually get the fast food—and more often then not—the food is cheeseburgers.

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