Monday, April 29, 2013

CAH - The Mermaid Squad's Villains: Dr. Snot & Dare

The following are the stats of the villains:

Dr. Snot
“The Bone Hunter”
Traits: Mad Scientist 6, Genius 7, Bazooka 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Illness 1x
Subplot: Always sick & Puts all of his trust in Dare
Stats: Threshold 14, Batting Rating 7

Background: He was one Steve Tons, who believed that Atlantis existed. All of New Tokyo rejected him, because he had no proof. Angry at the city, he kidnapped the five teenagers—who will become his major enemies—the Mermaid Squad.

Appearance: He appears to a white-hair man dress in a green t-shirt, blue jeans, combat boots, and a black lab coat cover with green snot.

Personality: He is the evil mad doctor to the letter T. He always sneezing during his plan’s runs down.


“Dr. Snot’s Robot”
Traits: Robot Body 6, Robot Tricks 6, Clever 5
Subplots: Dr. Snot’s Robot & Worry-Wart
Stats: Threshold 10, Battling Rating 6

Appearance: Dare is a large thin gray robot with sliver eyes.

Personality: Despite her worry-wart remarks, she is a trusted ally to Dr. Snot—and as rotten as he is.

Background: After being angry too much on day, Steve Tons built Dare. Dare became Steve Tons and later Dr. Snot’s best worker.

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