Friday, May 2, 2014


Act #1, Scene #2: The gang meet Alli Gator who is moody paranoia girl at the starting line.

Chaos Rank: 5. This is action cartoon at all.

Chaos Roll: 9 > 5.  

=A1, S2: BEGAN=

As Geraldine Gear, Steve Key, Penny Petal, Jessica Sparkplug and Vinnie Velocity reached the start line of the gang. They were confronted by a tall Australia woman with dirty blonde hair and green eyes dressed in a black hat with white crocodile teeth on the brim of the hat, a green blouse, a black leather jacket, a brown leather bet with a golden belt buckle with a picture of alligator on it, blue jeans, and black army combat boots and stated to them, "I don't trust anyone."

Penny asked, "Paranoia, much?"

The woman remarked, "Not that much and but more then a regular human.."

Jerrica Sparkplug asked, "Who are you?"

The woman answered, "Alli Gator."

Vinnie Velocity stated, "Good luck with the race."

Alli Gator yelled, "I don't need luck. I can do anything."

Penny remarked, "Ego, much?"

Alli Gator stated, "More like moody, much." She paused before saying the following: "Now I must give the final look over on armored jeep, so I'm going to make a banana and split from your morons." She paused, "I take you back. Comparing you to morons is an insult to the morons in government.."

As Alli Gator left, Penny stated, "That was the most embarrassing talk we ever had with someone!"

Jerrica stated, "I got a feeling that she's up to something."

Steve added, "You got to be right. -- we try to kept a key a eye on her during the race,.:"

=A1:S2: END=

Chaos Rank: Still a 5.

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