Friday, May 2, 2014


Act #1, Scene #3: The gold-filled semi truck starts it's journey.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 9 < 5. Normal

Here's my stats for the Gold-Fill Semi Truck


Appearance: A large gray semi-truck with gray cab covered in armor.

Singularity Quality:
##  Armored Semi-Truck

Standard Qualities:
# Attracted Attention
# Can't Be Hide With Ease

Traits: HEAVY ARMOR 8, CARGO SPACE 8, MANEUVERABILITY 4, SPEED 5 [Mode of Travel: Land], CB RADIO 4, LASER CANNON 6 [Big Attack]


And I'm assuming Australia Army dudes and dudettes are doing the driving of Gold-Fill Semi-Truck, so here's the stats for them as goon squad


Australia's Army

Appearance: No matter what gender, they appeared to a group of male and female dressed fully in the usual cartoon green-and-brown full uniform

Star Power: 1

Goon Rating: 2

Special Rules:
# Specialist (Ranged attack)


Now now the new scene.....


As one of the Australia's army solider stated, "Final check is complete."

Another solider in Australia's army asked, "Do you think we should wait until that race is over?"

The first solider to speak replied, "Nay. None of racers are going to try to steal the gold we going to be transporting to Konon."

Another solider in Australia's army added , "We got two soldiers in the cab. Six soldiers inside the semi-truck's trailer. Four soldiers on the underside of the semi-truck. Six soldiers on the roof including one for the Laser Cannon."

The first solider stated, "Then let's get his truck on the road."

=A1:SC3: END=

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