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I forget you are supposed to add +3 when ever it's a linking with a superhuman trait. No one's perfect. Second, I make sure to write my next battle scene over in Google Drive before moving it to "Blogger".

Act #2, Scene #2: At the first pit area of the armored jeep, the "Final Lap" team gets Alli Gator's goal of getting the gold from the armored semi truck.

Chaos Ranking: Despite Alli Gator getting away, it's still a 5.
Chaos Roll: 5 < 9. Normal.

Question #1: Does they get information from a human?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 49. Yes.

Question #2: Is the human a female?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 40

Question #3: Is she a common ally of the "Final Lap" team?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 30.

Here's the common ally, Irma Drop (a pun on Info Drop). Her stats are assumed below.


Name: Irma Drop

Appearance: Irma Drop appears a tall woman with bright blonde hair and blue eyes in a blue shirt, red slacks, and white boots.

Singularity Quality:
# Television News Reporter

Standard Qualities:
# Friendly
# Married to her job.

Star Power: 2

Traits: INFORMATION GATHERING 4, AGILITY 4, DRIVING 1, PILOTING 1, SMARTS 2, MARTIAL ARTS 4 [Action Feature], WIRE WHIP 4 [Advantage: Disguised as a television microphone]

Upgrades Taken: None


=A2, S2=

As five members, Final Lap team loop over the map for planning on the next portion of the race, Jerrica Sparkplug starred at a empty spot that was for Alli Gator's jeep.

Penny asked, "Paranoia much?"

Jerrica only nodded her head in the American "Yes" way as  tall woman with bright blonde hair and blue eyes in a blue shirt, red slacks, and white boots. The gang know it was Irma Drop, a friendly ally of them even if she was married to her job as a television news reporter.

Irma stated, "Hey. I heard Alli Gator is up to something."

Jerrica remarked, "I know. She tried to attack a semi-truck."

Irma stated, "Alli Gator has gotten almost got every single portion of the island of Corgone."

Geraldine Gear stated, "I heard about that island country. It's half the size of Australia and have almost peace history compare to the rest of the world."

Irma stated, "She needs to get a huge amount of gold to the land that their ancient Grecian temple -- as you can see that myth of Atlantis come from that country, when it got flooded by a huge thunderstorm."

Penny asked, "How she is going to gold?"

Irma answered, "That armored semi-truck is transporting gold that was leftover from a Corgone huge feast for Hades, the Greek God of the Underworld -- and usually rarely mention -- the God of Wealth -- as the citizens of the country assumed Corgone was where Hades kidnapped Persephone, the Goddess of Spring. It's huge enough for her by the land and get every corner of the country."

Vinnie Velocity stated, "Let me guess: she gets control of a huge army to use to conquer the world and become evil iron fist ruler."

Irma stated, "Lucky guess -- and that's right on the money."

Penny stated, "She need to be stopped."

Irma stated, "I can't stop her. She to far of the other races. She's at the second pit stop. Somewhere between the fifth pit stop and the finish line -- she will attack the semi-truck again and steal the goal. You guys much make sure to stop."

Vinnie remarked, "We are going to give to the old college try!'

Irma stated, "Thanks, I know I can count on you guys."

=A2, S2: END=

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