Saturday, May 3, 2014


Ok. I think it's time for another commercial break. Since Penny Petal earned a OOMPH, she gets to roll...

P.P's Player: 12
Game Master: 1
P.P's Player's Prize Roll: 6 = Time for Time-O! The network plays a music video about nutrition and other health facts during the commercial break. Until the next commercial break, the PCs receive a +2 bonus to checks they make that utilize any Trait that is physical in nature.

I think I just borrow something from the last time I got a "Time For Time-O" on the commerical break: Time


Time-O: (singing) I am Time-O! You are thinking grabbing some soda or some junk food while waiting for your show to return from a break. Well, those are pretty much bad choices to pick from. You better off with some of these choices: slice of cheese, a drumstick, a slice of pizza, canned nuts, crackers, apple or a banana. As long as you pick some good – you get something to tide you over until lunch and won't damage your systems. Because what you eat is what you are.


Ok. Later today or early tomorrow, I'm going to get close to the final fight between the "Final Lap" team and "Alli Gator"

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