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CAH:S2 Story Time: Strikeforce Freedom -- The Princess

Another story since I don't have game idea for's under the jump cut....


Confuse, Sword and Science enter the war room. Hardcore standing over a sitting Mayday looking over some files.

Confuse asked, “You want us, Hardcore?”

Hardcore moved away from the sitting Mayday and remarked, “Mayday and some of the army information hunters been doing some digging in Sam “Redback” Brogan's past. She found something that might be interesting – it's seems that one person taught Sam how to do his work. That person is called “The Princess.” Now this little fairy name was a well-known though out the world's underworld. We do know that she has natural accent of the island nation of Orazimia – but that's the only clue we had.”

Sword asked, “So our LIKE mission is to LIKE head to LIKE that island and LIKE found out LIKE who this underworld princess is?”

Hardcore said, “Got in one, Sword!”


General Arachnid, The Widow and Redback were in General Arachnid's throne room in the Web fortress of Spider Island.

The Widow said, “Recently rumors had claimed the United States Armed Force's information hunters has been digging into some past.”

General Arachnid said, “By the jolly way, you said that – I'm assuming that it wasn't your past, Widow.”:

The Widow remarked as she pointed one of her finger – her thumb – at Redback, “No sir, it was Sam's past they were digging.”

General Arachnid asked, “So what piece of information did they get?”

Redback said, “My teacher in my crooked ways, The Princess.”

General Arachnid “I heard a lot of rumors about that female from the underworld. She would make a fine additional to our group.”

Redback remarked, “Bad idea. Princess Miryor of Orazimia hates terrorists.”

General Arachnid asked the following in a a yelling voice, “WHY?”

Redback said, “No clue. But we can try to prevent Strikeforce Freedom from adding her to their side by killing her.”

General Arachnid said, “Good idea. Mission granted. Take Shadowstalker with you on this mission.”

The Widow replied, “Yes, sir.”

Confuse, Sword, and Science arrived on Orazimia Island. They find a tourist was a teenage African girl with black hair and green eyes dressed in a blue tank-top, blue male swimming trucks and sandals.
The tourist was taking photos of a plain beach with a few people.

Sword asked, “LIKE excuse me, can you point us to LIKE the ruler's place.”

The teenage tourist replied, “Like that's easy. Just go down this street until it's end and you end up at the ruler's castle.”

Confuse said, “Thanks.”

The teenage tourist remarked, “You are welcomed.”


Thanks to the swift of the royal guards, Confuse, Sword, and Science were brought before King Loraza. He was having a panting of himself by a beautiful woman dressed in a long purple dress and sandals.

King Loraza said, “Well, it's not every week I get visors from United States.” He paused, “So what brings you here?”

Confuse said, “We on a mission to local a underworld teacher know as the Princess.”

King Loraza asked, “Why here?”

Science replied, “She had a accent related to the natural citizens of Orazimia Island.”

King Loraza said, “That's counts 20 natural citizens including my own daughter. One thing is sure – she is either in Queen Kaziora Park or King Loraza Park.”

Confuse said, “We check out both.”

The artist asked, “Can I visit the little girl's room?”

Confuse said, “No problem, we just leaving.”

The artist replied, “Thank you so much.”


he beautiful artist woman enter the bathroom and removed her face....revealing the face of the The Widow. She took out a special SPIDER TALKER and touched it – revealing Redback's dark helmet-covered face.

Redback asked, “Got something interesting to report?”

The Widow said, “Yeah, three member of Strikeforce Freedom are here.”

Redback asked, “What ones?”

The Widow replied, “Confuse, Sword and Science.”

Redback said, “Did they figure out your disguise?”

The Widow replied, “No. They just talked to the king about finding your teacher. They are two possible locations.”

Redback asked, “Do you know which one they going which location they going to check first?”

The Widow remarked, “Nope. But they got two choices – Queen Kaziora Park or King Loraza Park. First thing is to finished up King Loraza's painting – so he doesn't get any wiser about my true identity. Then I head back to the hideout. Widow out.”

The Widow put her beautiful artist face back over her true face.


Confuse, Sword, and Science walk out trying to decide on which park to check out for the princess. When out of no where, a group of SPIDER Trooper show up.

Confuse used her whip to yank a few portion of the SPIDER Troopers out of her away. Sword used her ability at unharmed combat to rid of some more members of the SPIDER Trooper. Science used her shotgun to pin down the last few SPIDER Trooper members.

Confuse said, “Let's call the royal guards on these royal pains in the royal cooler..”

Sword and Science said on word union, “O.K.”


Sword, Confuse, and Science reach Queen Kaziora Park, they find Shadowstalker quietly cutting power lies!

Confuse yelled, “Shadowstalker! That's totally unfair.”

Shadowstalker stopped and dive from wire at Confuse, Sword and Science.

Sword rushed at Shadowstalker with her sword point right at him. Shadowstalker rushed at Sword at the same time, and got hit not to hard in his right side. Shadowstalker didn't look surprised as he was claim as he said the following, “Impressive.”

Shadowstalker muttered some words and some ninja magic fireballs hit Confuse – despite Confuse's attempt to dodge it.

Confuse yanked her whip out hard enough that it went flying into the trees. Science used her shot-gun aiming for Shadowstalker's right side and success hit him knocking him into the same tree that contained Confuse's whip.

As Confuse remarks, “Sweet dreams, Shadowstalker!”


s Sword, Confuse, and Science made it though the park, they saw a teenage African girl with black hair and green eyes dressed in a blue tank-top, blue male swimming trucks and sandals.

Confuse looked around and saw no one present and asked, “Are you Princess Miryor?”

The teenage African asked, “Why?”

Science asked, “Do you know some called Sam Brogan.”

Princess Miryor said, “Yeah. While he was here, I taught him how to perform crook actions?”

Sword asked, “Why?”

Princess Miryor said, “Just to annoy the nobles.”

Sword asked, “Well, he's been hired by SPIDER!”

Princess Miryor said, “What is SPIDER?”

Science remarked, “A terrorist organization who goals are to spread enough tyranny and terror to make their leader, General Arachnid, the master of the World”

Princess Miryor yelled, “WHY THAT TWO CENT CON-ARTIST!!!!!!”

Science said, “Do you know where he might be at?”

Princess Miryor remarked, “I think so.”


Scene #8=

The temporarily headquarters for Redback and his friend was a old pirate boat that had something in common with a dead whale – both could be beached. Redback yelled, “Yo yo and a bottle of root beer, Strikeforce Freedom!”

Confuse asked, “Who told you we were coming?”

The familiar voice of Shadowstalker said, “Me.”

The Widow said, “After you knock him out, he's been tracking you to find the Princess Miryor – so we can put her out of her misery.”

Princess Miryor asked, “Did you break your brain recently?”

The Widow asked, “No, why?”

Princess Miryor said, “Become I love my life!”

The Widow said, “Let's kill her and get rid of at least of our problems.”

Redback and Shadowstalker nodded in agreement.

Sword rushed out with her sword at Redback who tried to side-top and got him knocked into the wall. Confuse tried to sneak up on The Widow and was able to grab her. The Widow remarked, “Nice move, Confuse.”

Confuse said, “Thanks.”

The Widow remarked, “Don't mention it! I have a reputation to kept.”

The Widow tried to kick Confuse to let her go, but Confuse punched her head sending her flying and then crashing into the mast of the old pirate ship. The crow nest fail on The Widow and knocked her out.

Shadowstalker rushed at Confuse with his two swords out – and got her knocked into the ship despite Confuse trying to use her whip to remove one of Shadowstalker's swords. Princess Miryor made motions that she was going to vomit what ever she had to lunch towards Redback remarked, “I am not stupid like the member of Strikeforce Freedom. You taught all of your tricks. I still remember that fake vomit trick.”

Princess Miryor remarked, “Rats!”

Science yelled as she remove her gun, “Take this trick and put in your mouth!” She shot her gun while hit Redback while he was trying to pull out one of his specialized boomerangs knocking him back – making him trip over the broken mast. Sword tries to jump kick at Shadowstalker … but she ended up jumping to high and was holding on a cliff.
Confuse took the whip and whipped one of Shadowstalker's shuriken back to him – making him slide to him backwards a bit.

Shadowstalker remarked, “Impressive.”

Confuse asked, “Don't you have any other word?”

Shadowstalker remarked , “Die, Strikeforce Freedom!!”

Shadowstalker started mutter words aim his magic ice balls at Science. Science dodged every ice ball from Shadowstalker.

Science took out a dagger and throw at Shadowstalker. Shadowstalker got with his left metal hand.

By now, Confuse had successfully climb to safety on top of the cliff.. Confuse picked up a trash can that she found not to far away. Shadowstalker throw a shuriken at Confuse which hit her despite Confuse's attempt to dodge it. Princess Miryor said, “I got some information you love.”

Shadowstalker thought a while. Then he approached and got grabbed by Princess Miryor as she said, “You just fell for the oldest trick in the book.”
Science run right at Shadowstalker who tried to dodge but was still hold tight by Princess Miryor and got knocked out.

Princess Miryor asked as she dropped the unconscious Shadowstalker, “So what are we going to do now?”

Confuse said, “We going to call in some of our friends to pick them up and take them to a jail cell.”

Princess Miryor said, “That sound like a plan.”


With the help of some of the other members of Strikeforce Freedom, the SPIDER members called Shadowstalker, Redback, and The Widow are heading to jail in Australia. Princess Miryor was with her father though she was still dressed in her tourist outfit. Sword and Science were sitting down glad that SPIDER was defeat for the day. While Confuse was pacing up and down.

Confuse said, “I feel like something is watching me.”

Science said, “How can that be. We send the Widow and two of her friends to jail.”

Confuse went up to a wall, grabbed somebody who was moving crazy, throw her down on the floor in front of everyone. The person that Confuse throw was an African woman with black hair and blue eyes dressed in a yellow dress and a pair of yellow loafers make from a yellow lion skin.

King Loraza asked, “Your faker, right, Princess?”

Princess Miryor remarked, “How do you guess?”

King Loraza said, “You always used her when they is too much chaos going around. Valyora, I hope I did not give any offensive.”

Valyora remarked, “No offensive taken, my king. I just come to inform that the gangsters that were plotting to rob the bank was caught by the royal guard.”

Princess Miryor said, “Well, that's good news. Let's hope our next meeting is on more peaceful term.”

Confuse, Sword and Science said the following word in unison, “Agreed.”


A boy dressed in a black shirt, blue jeans, black shoes was biking a black next to a girl dressed in a neon-pink outfit, a neon-pink skirt, and sandals was riding on a neon-pink bike though a American town's street when a military jeep comes to a stop. The jeep's driver jumped out and land by the two kids. The kids recognized her as Confuse.

The boy said, “Thanks for stopping in the nick of time, Confuse. Any more, I would have been sent the hospital at best or worse – the big school in the sky.”

Confuse said, “If you were alone, boy, one of these two outcomes you mention would have come true. Your friend, alerted me to you two.”

The boy said, “But I don't want to way neon-pink, it's something that a star of girl show might wear.”

Confuse said, “You can start by putting reflectors on your bike. ”

The boy said, “What's a reflector?”

The girl got off her bike and pointed a large red block on the back wheel of her pink bike as she said, “This is a reflector. My mother told me that it tells drivers were you are at.”

Confuse said, “Though pink and purple are girls' colors. The following boy colors – yellow, orange, red, green and blue -- could be use to alert driver to your biking.”

Boy said, “Now I know.”

Confuse remarked, “And knowing is half the battle!”


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