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What's hidden run the jump cut is the how I come up with the monsters and the the game I recently just finished solo-playing.....

Q1) Is the monster a person in the mask?
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 77. Yes. To high for a random event.

Q2) Is the person behind the mask a female?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View:55. No it's a male.

Q3) Is the person behind the mask a teenager?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 75. No

Q4) Is the person behind the mask is a adult?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 6. Expectional Yes. His name is Ian Malfory. He was kicked out of his gaming group's game after being a royal pain to them. He has decide to ruin Playfest 2012 for everyone.with the flower monster.

Q5) Is the flower monster a male?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 63. The flower monster is female.

Q6) Is the flower monster ancient Indain legend?
My View: Very Unlikely
Mythic View: 29. Yes.

Q7: Is it a fiction world?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 4. Expectional Yes.

Q8: It is the flower monster from a tabletop role-playing game?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 67. No. It's from a video game. I going to give it the Dragonflower, is the final boss of "The Awful Attack of the Plant Beings From Outerspace."

Q9: What are the clues for the gang to find?
My View: All clues are complex questions. I doing six clues. List below....
Clue #1: 92 + 91 = Pursue Weapons. Re-Roll. 25 + 27 = Desert Project. Re-Roll = 15 + 6 = Gratify
Reality. Clue #1: A GURPS sheet of modern day campign character. #
Clue #2: 95 + 58 = Punish Stalemale. Re-Roll. 7 + 39 = Violate News. Re-Roll = 38 + 70 = Inform Extravange. Clue #2: A Playfest 2012's U.I.G. (Ultra Important Gamer) Badge. #
Clue #3: 79 + 30 = Intolerance Possession. Re-Roll = 9 + 84 = Malice Status Quo (That's what Ian is doing). Re-Roll = 100 + 16 = Change Love. Re-Roll = 28 + 83 = Seperate Riches. Re-Roll: 71 + 97 = Trick Leadership. Clue #3: A Playfest 2010's GM T-Shirt with the name of Amy Potter on the back, a well-known honest Game Master.
Clue #4: 54 + 76 = Kill The Mundane (He's doing that already.) Re-Roll = 42 + 36 = Haggle Bureaucracy. Re-Roll = 36 + 18 = Immitiate The Intellectraul. Clue #4: A red wig and glassess matching Amy's usually hair do and eyeglassess.
Clue #5: 62 + 96 = Inspect Public. Re-Roll. 62 + 5 = Inspect Inside. Re-Roll: 45 + 99 = Harm Anger. Re-Roll: 27 + 77 = Praise Trials. Clue 5: A postive review of "The Awful Attack of the Planet Being From Outerspace" by Nicknameless Gamer.
Clue #6: 5 + 58 = Recruit Stalemate. Clue 6: Ian's empty Game Master's Player List. #
Clue #7: An audio tape of a "Traps and Trenches" game. Ian uses his to hide the fact he's the monster of the day.
Clue #8: A empty "Mountain Dew" can.

# Used clue.



Name: Ian Malfory
Type: "Upset Gamer"


A blonde hair man with red eyes usually dressed in a yellow T-shirt, blue jeans, and yellow loafers.


Strengh: 5
Moves: 6
Smarts: 7
Health: 6


Bookworm (Smarts + 1d6) = -7
Diguise (Health + 4) = -4
Actor (Health + 1d6) = -8
Geek (Smarts + 2) = -4
The [Home Economics] Wiz (Smarts + 3) = -4

Notes on Ian's Abilities That Aren't Share With Aren't Share With The New Athens Cliche:

Diguise: This helps a character to just look and dress like someone else.
Actor: This Ability helps a character look, sound, and act like
someone else.


Name: Dragonflower
Type: Evil Alien Flower

Appearance: A large purple flower with pink eye wearing a taira and a dark purple space suit.


Strength: 10
Moves: 4
Health: 5

Trap Target: 15


Speak = -2
Wild [Plants] Wiz (Smarts + 6)= -6
Strong (Strengh + 4) -5
Fish Out Of Water (Health + 1d6) = -5
Sprint (Moves + 5) = -5

Notes on Dragonflower's Abilities That Aren't Share With the New Athens Clique or Her True Idenity:

Strong = The Wild Card is strong enough to lift something or someone that
weighs as much as it does.

Ian's Plot:

The following is Ian's Plot – If no one was going meddlings in his affairs.

  1. Play "The Awful Attack of Plant Being From Outerspace" until finishing the next to final level of the game.
  2. Get a video camera.
  3. Film the final level as he plays.
  4. Get a digital camera
  5. Playback the video camera of his playing of the final level and take picture of the final boss, Dragonflower.
  6. Get materials to make a costume that match Dragonflower's appearance.
  7. Diguise as Cassie King and play with Amy Potter's group.
  8. Buy a red wig and female eyeglassess that match Amy Potter.
  9. Buy a Playfast 2012 U.I.G. Badge.
  10. Lock the door to his Game Master's room.
  11. Ruin the Playfest 2012 for the entire week as Dragonflower.
  12. Sneak out as Amy Potter.
  13. Drestory my Amy Potter's wig, my Amy Potter's eyeglassess and my Dragonflower costume.
  14. Pretend to be sick and call off his work for the week, so I can get some need sleep time in.

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