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[April Fools Day 2012] MEDDLING KIDS: Scene #8 (Not Really)/ CAH:S2 -- Ultra Dare (Real)

You won't believe how many random event I roll for this scene -- it took forever for me to write the scene up -- so it's so large, I have to put the scene in behind a jump cut.

= Scene #8=

Ultra Dare” featuring “The Vomit Comets Vs The Silly Skirts”

Steve: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go!

(We see two teams of two kids are trying to move frozen gelatin with their noses, while Steve is watching on the sidelines.)

Thomas: (V.O.) These two teams are moving frozen gelatin with their nose to the other side of the studio. The first two to do so wins 10 dollars and the win control of the most messy game show on Earth.....”Ultra Dare!”

Steve: Wrong way, Vomit Comets. Looks like Silly Skirts had win this game. Let's go play some Ultra Dare. Hi, to the audience both here and at home. My name is Steve Slyme and welcome to Ultra Dare – the only show that is what the network suit might call an epic failure. Hey, Thomas Talk, how things are going other there.

Thomas: Just fine, Steve.

Steve: We get two team to meet. On the left, dress in the blue is the Vomit Comets: Terri and Alex – the males – I explain on that later. Terri is a collection of comic books: What's your oldest comic book?

Terri (male): Superman #30 – the first appearance of Mr. Myxzpltk.

Steve: Alex has a hobby of collecting as well – but it's collecting action figure. What's your favorite?

Alex (male): I will have to go with Combato from “Warriors of Cosmos”.

Thomas: And now it's time to explain why I mean males – our second team, “The Silly Skirts”, dressed in red – is make up of two girls with the same names as the males form the other team – Terri and Alex. I feel like I stuck in a bad fiction. (Audience in the studio laughs.) Terri has been swimming. How long?

Terria: Since I was 5 year old. I'm 10 right now.

Steve: And it's seems like Alex has a habit that kind of a rough in my not-so-humble.

Alexa: I talk to movies and television shows – it really annoy my parents.

Steve: Do you mind if I add A to your end of your girls' names – so I don't confuse them with the males.

The Silly Skirts: (in unison) That's fine.

Steve: Thanks. Here how we play Ultra Dare. I'm going to ask you a question for 10 dollars. If you don't know – you dare the other team – but beware they can Ultra Dare you back – then you either had the answer the question or take a physical challenge . The Silly Skirts has the control of the questions and here's the first one “What is the name of the boat from Gilligan's Island?

The Silly Skirts: S.S. Meadow?

Steve: Correct. “Gem and Beamers” have problems with this evil new-wave band on their show, “Gem?” Name it.”

The Silly Skirts: “The Nightmares”

Steve: What state was the first to join the union?

The Silly Skirts: Dare

Steve: You can get on board and get control if you answer this question: What state was the first to join the union or you can Ultra Dare the,.

The Vomit Comets: “Ultra Dare!”

Steve: You can answer the question or.....

The Skirt: We take the Physical Challenge.

Steve: The answer is Delware. Come down, Terria and Alexa, we got a stunt for you. (Terria and Alexa come down to the stunt area. A wall on the stunt area turns out to show two buckets attached to pulley). The wall returns. We call this Hosed Hothead. Who gets hothead more?

Terria: I do.

Steve: Then Terria take sit down Indian style facing us at the wall. (Terria does so. Steve goes into the wall and started) The yellow bucket down here is fill with water – and it's pretty heavy. The higher green bucket over there is empty. Alexa, you jump is to throw balls into that into that green bucket which will move the yellow bucket – and if you can get Terria wet in 20 seconds – you win this stunt. On your mark, get set, go!

(Alexa throws ball 1, which moves the yellow bucket past the half-away point. Terria throws throws ball 2 which moves to the bar dumping water on Alexa.)

Steve: You did. How do you feel, Alexa?

Alexa: Like I took a follow a old phrase – go jump in a lake.

(Audience in the studio laughs)

Steve: We take a break but we be back for more round #1.


Steve: Usually when you say someone's all wet, they usually had did some so stupid – you could say they are too dumb to live – but in this case, not to Alexa as her wet has help her team, the Silly Skirts kept their lead – they at $60 and get the following questions – and here is it now: If they were still live in the present – who would be youngest of the following three: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Elvis Aaron Presley.

Silly Skirts: DARE.

Steve: Question for the Vomit Comets: If they were still live in the present – who would be youngest of the following three: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln or Elvis Aaron Presley?

Vomit Comets: Elvis Presley.

Steve: Correct and you just earned yourself #20 dollars and get control of the questions – and here's one right now: Who pardoned Robin Hood according to the legends?

Vomit Comets: King Richard.

Steve: Correct. In a William Shakespeare play, who fell into love with Juliet?

Vomit Comets: Dare.

Silly Skirts: Romeo.

Steve: Nice steal with that correct answer, Silly Skirts.

Steve: How many noses does Micheal Jackson has?

Silly Skirts: Dare.

Vomit Comets: Ultra Dare.

Silly Skirts: We take the physical challenge.

Steve: The answer is 1. Here's a classic – we call Pie Dive. Alexa, you go other to where, Dove is. Terria go over to see Biff.

(The Silly Skirts does what Steve said. Steve goes to Alexa's side.)

Steve: Alexa, and you can see we have pies here. (walking to Terria's side) s You will toss these pies over to Terri, who will catch them into these clown pants We are looking for 3 pies in 20 seconds.

(Terria throws 3 pies in successfully into Alexa's pants in short order.)

Steve: Nice work. You guys earned 40 more dollars there.

(SF: Buzzer)

Steve: That buzzer means it's the end of Round #1. We back with Round #2.


Steve: Welcome back to Round #2. The Silly Skirts are leading with a $100 dollars to the Vomit Comets' $50 – but this is round the cash is double. $20, $40 on a dare and $80 on ultra dare or a physical challenge. And when you earn this sound (BUZZ) the end is over. This team-up is Soupy Mess. One member of each team is in bowl. (Alex and Alexa are in two bowls with the line around matching their team colors) Their other member is over here. (Walking to Terri and Terria's side) They will tossed a one onion, one mushroom, and three pieces of chicken. (Walking back Alex and Alexa's side). One that all five pieces are count, that would be the signal for your teammate to to pull on the rope – attach to this rope is bucket – and inside is cream. The first team to dump cream on them is the winner with $40 dollars more and control of Round #2. On your mark, get set, go!

(The two teams get all the items throw in and dumped the cream on Alexa and Alex)

Steve: That was a close call, but the Vomit Comets win that one according to the judges. Name the song by The Buggles that had it's video play as the first on MTV?

Vomit Comets: Dare.

Steve: Silly Skirts: Name the song by The Buggles that had it's video play as the first on MTV?

Silly Skirts: “Video Kill The Radio Star”

Steve: Correct. You have half of dollar lead over the Vomit Comets. If you saw Combato battling King Krab near the Fortress of Gloom, what fictional planet, will be from?

Silly Skirts: Iconia.

Steve: Correct. Fill in the blank; canine is ___ as feline is cat.

Silly Skirts: Dare.

Vomit Comets: Dogs?

Steve: With that correct answer you steal $40 dollars and control of the questions. Answer the next two questions correction – and you will past the Silly Skirts' score of $160. Who is Luke Skywalker father?
Vomit Comets: Darth Vader.

Steve: Correct. “Caustic Potash” is another name for what?

Vomit Comets: Dare.

Steve: Silly Skirts: “Caustic Potash” is another name for what?


Steve: The answer is potassium hydroxide. And with $160 dollars, the winners is Silly Skirts. Don't worry, Vomit Comets – you have $150 and that is $75 dollars to for you – as well as the following parting gifts.

Biff: (V.O) You get the Green Mess Shampoo – get messy in your own shower – as well as Tootsie Rolls Pop – no one will never know how many licks we get to center – and all contests will get the following Relock, the shoe of Ultra Dare and a company of our home game. Don't go way, we will back with the Ultra-Course.


(Steve is standing the Silly Skirt near a tank fill with peanut butter and jelly.

Steve: Welcome back to Ultra Dare. The Silly Skirts, Alexa and Terria have won the game and get to run the Ultra Course. We start off with the the Galloon. Today is fill with peanut butter and jelly. Who's running this one?

(Alexa raises her hands)

Steve: You dive in and head this is direction – where the flag is – and you wins – a gift to to the Yot Store – as I see it's mascot – Tiny the Hippo in the Galloon – right, Biff

Biff: (V.O.) Right, Steve. It's $100 dollar give gift certificate to Yot Store – where you can find any toy – from bikes to the latest video game.

(Steve and the Silly Skirt are standing near a large fake foot – a double sign post is next to it – with the number #2 on a small sign and a large sign the words, “Athletic Feet).

Steve: Number #2 on today's out course is Athletic Feet. Terria dig though the toe am to find the flag to win this.

Biff: (V.O) It's a collection of encyclopedia from Information Station, the best of the information at your finger tips

(Steve and the Silly Skirts are standing by a slide. The double sign post is see-able again and it's reads on 3 on it's small sign and “The Ice Slide” is on the large sign.)

Steve: Number #3 today is the Ice Slide. Climb up the slide – here's a tip – place your leg on the side not in the mess on the slide – you have some time getting up there – (pan to the platform), climb up to the platform, and slide down into this loving ice cream sundae (pan to the ice cream sundae) Stand up a grab the flag to win this.

Biff: (V.O) Enjoy records from Micheal Jackson, Tina Turner, Queen, Weird Al and etc. from “Record Empire”, your record store for all your music needs.

(Steve and the Silly Skirts are standing by a front of a large yellow pipe. The double sign post is behind the pipe reading “4” on its small sign and “Sweet Oil Line” on its large sign.

Steve: Number #4 is the “Sweet Oil Line”, (pan down to see chocolate). The reason is that it's call sweet oil is it's chocolate syrup instead of real oil. Crawl thought pipe #1, (walks to tune #2), crawl thought pipe #2 (walks to #3) and crawls thought pipe #3) and grab the flag to win this.

Biff: (V.O) From Sport Geeks – comes a collection sporting gear including tennis, baseball and basketball items. Sport Geeks know sports

(Steve and the Silly Skirts are standing by a a large blue plate with that has fake spaghetti noodles, foam in the shape of cooked meatballs, and red liquid replace real spaghetti sauce. The double sign post

Steve: The cue card doesn't have a name....

(Dove enter carrying the double sign post – this one is the number #5 on it's small sign and “Meal Time” and place it by the item – accidentally tripping over Steve's feet and into the Metal Time's mess – getting mess all over here.)

Steve: What do you have to say for yourself?

Dove: Hey!

Steve: (laughs) We get a slime doctor to fix this obstacle before run the Ultra-Course, number #5 for today – “Meal Time”, some weird in that spaghetti and metal ball is a flag. Find it to win this.

Biff (V.O.): Nova has problem with Dr. Crazy. Help him stop Dr. Crazy's last plots in Nova #4 & Nova #5 for the NES.

(Steve and the Silly Skirts are standing by a large plastic nose with glasses. The double sign post is here with the small sign reading 6 and large sign reading “Achoo!”

Steve: Number #6 is “Achoo!” In this nose, pick one of the nostrils – or if you running low on time– stick your hands up both – until you find the flag to win this.

Biff: (V. 0) From Alpha Electric comes this television set – which Ultra Dare in living color in your own room.

(Steve and the Silly Skirts are fake castle wall and it's drawbridge. The double sign post is here and it's reads #7 on its small sign and “Siege”.)

Steve: Number #7 today is one of my favorite obstacle – Siege. (Does the following as he talking about), move this drawbridge now, run across it and grab this flag to win this.

Biff: Need to go somewhere while our show is airing – you won't need to worry with this – A VHS from Vizqui Inc.

(Steve and Silly Skirts are standing by a large red wheel next to large red tower with white lights with black cardboard in the forms of number #1 to #3. Attach to the red tower is arm with a boxing glove containing the flag.)

Steve: Our last obstacle today is Exercise Time. Run up the wheel – and the number 6 is light up, the boxing glove will drop down and if you partner grabs the flag in 60 minutes or less – you win this!

Biff: V.O. – a trip to Walt Disney World. You get a 6 day stay at the Jason Howards Inn with Disney World and Escort right at your doorstop.

(Steve and Alexa are back at the start of the Gallon.)

Steve: Let's put 60 seconds on the clock. On your mark, get set go!

Steve: (Following Silly Skirt as they do the Ultra-Course) And that's a pretty good jump thought the peanut butter and jelly won't the walk a cake. Alexa is passing the flag to Terria to save some time. Good move. Terri is hitting Altheletic Feet. She find the flag in gak always wait – and here comes Alexa – and we have a quick change – and Alexa is heading to the Ice Slide. She accidentally gets her hands in the mess – but thanks to the feet in handle area – she is able to get up the platform and here she goes down the slide and lands feet first in the ice cream sundae. Alexa grabs the flag and passes to Terria. Terra dives thought pipe #1 of Sweet Oil Line, and then she dives thought pipe #2, and then she dives into pipe #3 – she grab the Sweet Oil Flag and passes to Alexa, who starts towards Meal Time. She knocks over a meatball and grab the flag and past to Terria, who heads up to one of our toughest obstacle – Achoo! Terria uses both ands, but so far – no flag, no flag – she got. We got 28 seconds to finish this course. Siege should be quick – and it's a little quicker – but not by my thoughts – but Alexa grabs the flag – and pasts it to Terria Terria is running like a chicken with its head cut off in the Exercise Time's wheel and it's quickly getting counting the number – hitting 6 as Terria spills out as Alexa grabs the flag at the 10 seconds. Nice work you two! Biff, tell them what they win!

Biff: (V.O) They got it all. The Yot Store gift certificate, the encyclopedia, the “Record Empire” records, the Sport Geek sporting geeks, the NES games, the television, the VHS, and and a trip to Walt Disney world. Adding their front game cash for a grand total of $5,940 in cash and prizes.

Steve: We see you back here for more mess on “Ultra Dare” tomorrow!


Got you! Happy April Fool's Days!

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