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CAH:S2 Story Time: "Transbots" in "A Deepsea of Issues"

Here's a story I make using CAH:S2. Enjoy! It's under a jump cut....

“Transbots” in “A Deepsea of Issues”

In the basement of Transcorps, Maximilian Mercy walk to a secret area of Transcorps. Max need to talk Vandal on a issue that's been buggy them more then the war between the Transbots and Warbots.

Maximilian Mercy spot Backfire and asked where he can find Vandal. Backfire who pointed with his robotic figure to where Vandal. The tunnel he enter was long as football field. It lead to a racing stadium that was closed because the track jammed any race car – from Formula 1 to monster trucks. In the middle of the stadium, Vandal was watching Backfire like a hawk – for lack of better words.

Max said, “Vandal. We got a problem.”

Vandal nodded as he said darkly, “Deepsea.”

Max said, “Her emotions are running mad.”

Vandal nodded quietly. The recent missions that Vandal sent – usually ended up being Deepsea causing more of issue then her usual failures.

Vandal said, “Her emotions are getting really annoying. It's enough to give the Transbots headaches.”

Max said, “Too bad that Trevor has been quiet of recently.”


Max saw Ms. Dannica sitting in his set. She got up from the chair as she said, “Just keeping your chair warm for you.”

Max said, “Deepsea has been giving Vandal some headache.”

Ms. Dannica said, “I got plan. We sent her a last mission to steal the Light Code.”

Max said, “Light Code – you mean Trevor has found the antidote to the Darkness Code.”

Ms. Dannica said, “New York had decide to save our newspapers for the last stop. No ifs, ands or butts.”

Max said, “So what does this Light Code does.”

Ms. Dannica said, “It erases the Dark Code from the robot. They didn't get a change to try out on Illmind – as he escape a half-hour before they started working on code.”

Max said, “So this is starting to sound like a winning idea. If we send Deepsea – her emotion should cause some trouble with High Concepts that would sent a few more pennies for repairs. If Deepsea returns with the Light Code, we have could have it destroyed.”

Ms. Dannica said, “What if she joins the Transbots?”

Max said, “She is about a social as a dog with rabies – so even it Light Code works – she isn't going to help them out.”

Max and Dannica laughed before Max


Vandal said, “Sounds like you got your base covered. Hey, Deepsea.”

Deepsea asked, “What you want, Dumbdal?”

Vandal said, “I have a mission for you.”

Deepsea asked, “What is it?”

Vandal said, “According to Max. The High Concepts have created a Light Code – an antidote to the Dark Code that created me and the other Warbots. I would like you to get it for me – so we can destroy it.”

Deepsea nodded as she rushed out to the near-by river.

Illmind stated, “That looks like a good start!”

Vandal said, “It's the ending I'm more worry about.”

Max laughed evilly. Vandal was confused – but he didn't care.


Athena and Harmony was helping Draggy with his cooking. Harmony was putting Draggy's dessert into the kitchen's refrigerator.

Draggy said, “Athena, please past me the ketchup.”

Athena saw two bottles – both fill with red liquid. One was a little more liquid then the other. Athena know the more solid on was ketchup that Draggy and the other was hot sauce. She hadn't play a joke on anyone in a while – so took out the hot sauce as she said to Draggy, “Here's the ketchup, you requested as Sentinel might say.”

Draggy nodded as he pour the hot sauce that Athena give him all over the meatloaf before putting it in the oven.

Quasar and Lightblade enter the kitchen.

Harmony asked, “LIKE what's up today? LIKE it's too quiet out on LIKE the front – I was LIKE FOR SURE the Warbots would have LIKE attack LIKE two days ago.”

Athena said, “Relax. It give time for Trevor to invented the Light Code.”

Harmony asked, “LIKE have it's been LIKE Tested?”

Quasar said, “No. Trevor was going to test it on Illmind after he got done with the code, but Illmind escaped half-hour after we imprisoned him.”


Draggy's dinner was being eating by the two humans: Billy and Dr. Trevor Hasting at the dinner room, when Billy and Dr. Trevor both took a piece of meatloaf couch and copy Draggy's fire breath almost perfectly.

A female human laugh were heard from the door-way. Athena was standing there.

Draggy said, “ATHENA!”

Athena said, “Sorry, guys, but I haven't play a prank on anyone in a while.”

Draggy asked, “So, what to you hand to me?”

Athena said, “Hot sauce.”

Draggy said, “So I was your target.”

Athena said, “Guilty as charged.”

Just then the alert just ring, Dr. Trevor Hasting took a glass of water, then went to the security computer system and brought a familiar face. He turned to Athena.

Dr. Hasting said, “Deepsea has been smashing the front gates of Transbots.”

Athena said, “She must want to turn herself into scrap metal.”

Harmony said, “May be she's after the Light Code.”

Athena asked, “It's mostly like my opinion is the truth then yours.”

Harmony said, “Worrywart.”

Athena said, “That's ironic coming from you.”

Harmony laughed.


Deepsea had stomped on a few regular cars in the parking as Lightblade, Quasar, Athena, Harmony arrived.

Deepsea asked, “Ready for rumble?”

Harmony replied, “FOR SURE!”

Deepsea run right into Athena's Laser Bow – knocking into a truck. Lightblade jumped on to Deepsea start to punching her – Deepsea tried to dodge it by moving out but she got pushed sliding herself in a potion of the gate that she didn't wreck earlier. Quasar was about to lift her but Deepsea launched one of her bomb sending Quasar flying. Deepsea spot Harmony coming her away, and smashed her hard against the wall. Lightblade transformed in his helicopter and tried to scare Deepsea into giving up – but she started to running making Lightblade crashed into a wall.

Athena said, “I will to join the Warbots – if you just come over.”

Deepsea said, “I know one of the Transbots would see the fruitless of our war.”

Athena hugged Deepsea into a bar hug stated, “Got you, good – didn't I.”

Deepsea laughed before me, “You fooled me!”

Quasar lightly tapped Deepsea on the head – putting her into unconsciousness.


Trevor Hasting, Athena, Harmony, Quasar,and Lightblade was looking over the table. On the table was the defeated Deepsea.

Quasar said, “We got bad news. Her emotion chip had fallen into her bomb center – if she explode – kiss High Concept good-bye. Thought I have no clue have to cure her.”

Lightblade asked, “What about Light Code?”

Athena said, “We don't know if it work – it have been tested yet.”

Trevor said, “This is no time to be pussycats. May be the Light Code will fix Deepsea's system as well as remove the Dark Code Max put in her in the first place.”

Harmony said, “If you LIKE that only LIKE way to save our LIKE robotic LIKE bacon, I'm LIKE game.”

Trevor said, “Thanks. Let's do this,”

Trevor put the light code disc into the computer – and beamed into Deepsea. A white light covered Deepsea – and spook a black light out. Deepsea was still in unconsciousness land by the time the light is done.

Athena asked, “Did it work?”

Trevor said, “We see. Quasar and me will give Deepsea – the once over.”


Nuisance was disguised – not as a Transbots – as usually – but as a damaged motorcycle that some had throw into the dumpster behind High Concepts. They were too many Transbots to get close – but she did get to see Athena and Quasar bring in the unconsciousness Deepsea. She saw Skimmer and Sentinel pacing near-by.

Skimmer asked, “They used Light Code?”

Sentinel answered, “Yes.”

Skimmer asked, “So who got the Light Code inputted?

Sentinel answered, “Deepsea.”

Skimmer whistled at that answer they walked way from the area Nuisance was located at. After a few seconds, Nuisance transform into her robot to re-right herself before transforming back into motorcycle and heading back to Vandal.


Deepsea sigh – she felt better then ever. This was odd. Even since she was created by Max, she had felt rotten – thought it got worst a few week ago.

Deepsea saw that she was a lab of some kind. A human – it wasn't Max – but it was familiar face

Deepsea asked, “Trevor Hasting?”

Trevor answered, “Yep. So you are finally awake.”

Deepsea said, “How long I was out.”

Trevor said, “You attacked on a Saturday. It's Wednesday – so about 4 days – give or take a hour.”

Deepsea asked, “What did you do to me?”

Trevor said, “I have to input the Light Code to save us. The Dark Code was making your emotion control chip fall into your bomb storage area.”

Deepsea said, “That would explain why I was anti-social while with Vandal and his crew.” She paused before asking, “Where this the chip now?”

Trevor answered, “It's in your leg.”

Deepsea asked, “Do you mind if I join your group?”

Trevor said, “I'm fine with it – but you might want to talk to your rival.”

Deepsea nodded as she know he need to talk to Athena.


Athena said, “So joining our side?”

Deepsea nodded.

Athena said, “Welcome.”


Vandal blinked his optics as Max entered the stadium again with Ms. Dannica.

Max said, “We got bad news.”

Vandal asked, “Let me guess: Deepsea got the Light Code inserted in her and it worked.”

Max said, “That sounds thing up. The news have been CNN since 8 AM.”

Vandal sighed, “Well, so she is still anti-social?”

Max said, “Afaird not – but at least we cut some deadwood out of the team.”

Vandal said, “I got a test. Nuisance. Steal the water energy from Johnstone Dam Lake.”

Nuisance said as she transform into her motorcycle, “Got you, Vandal.”


Athena, Harmony and Deepsea were watching Draggy and Billy playing a game of pin-pin with Spectre being the score keeper.

Trevor entered, “We got problems, Nuisance has put her name to good use – she's crazy driving towards to Johnstone Dam Lake.

Deepsea asked, “Ever heard of a cat-robot fight?”

Trevor answered, “If I get the picture, you, Athena and Harmony are going to battle her. I kept the boys in line.”

Athena said, “We be back.”


Nuisance was about to put the Energy Suck into action when it was blasted by Athena's laser bow.

Nuisance said, “You making to me crazy mad!”

Deepsea joked as she fired her Bomb Launcher , “That's always you to a T.”

The bomb from the Bomb Launcher, hit Nuisance right in her chest area. Nuisance tried to transform – but her chip fail right out her body – much to her annoyed.

Nuisance said as she point to Deepsea, “Did Hellsting copy the Light Code before inputting into her?”

Harmony answered, “No – according to Quasar.”

Nuisance sigh with semi-relief, she might to send a while in jail – but was chance that she was going to get the Light Code input her system. She dived for the transforming chip but she got her face hit by Harmony's laser cannon as she got back up. She got to jump on Harmony, but she got blasted by Athena's laser bow. Harmony tried to jump on Nuisance but she miss and land a few inch sport. She did some more crazy dodges in order to get away from Harmony but got punched by Deepsea, making her land right in front of Athena. Nuisance tried to punch Athena, but Athena duck Nuisance. Athena hit Nuisance – but it landed in Nuisance left leg. Athena fired her Laser Bow as she said, “Round #2” – and fired it – knocking Nuisance into the dam despite Nuisance’s attempt tp dodge it.

Harmony said, “I just remember the last time was put in her prison back at High Concept. She faked Athena in order to get out.”

Athena said, “Thanks for bring that up.”

Deepsea said, “I got a idea.”

Athena smirked as she said, “What your idea?”


It been a week since Nuisance's attempt. They had no report from CNN that the water was poisoned – so the Transbots had defeated Nuisance. The door open. One of his servants had hold the door as Ms. Dannica pushed int a large box into the room with her long legs as she said, Ms. Dannica said pushing in a box with , “This is the latest package is address to you and Vandal.”

Max open up the box up and discovered Nuisance disassembled. After Max laughed evilly, he said to Ms. Dannica the following: “Well, that's good new.”

Nuisance said, “Are you crazy?”

Ms. Dannica said, “That's ironic – coming from you.”

Max laughed evilly again before he said, “I'm not. I had guessed that Trevor had only one Light Code ready present. If Deepsea did steal the Light Code – I would have destroy it as usual. After the last defeat Deepsea had before this, I set up a bomb that would have turn Deepsea into scrap metal. If the Light Code didn't work – the bomb would go KABOOM and I would have been rid of almost all the Transbots in one big scoop. But I was really counting on that Light Code worked and Trevor had only one copy – and he would used to to save High Concepts.”

Ms. Dannica asked, “Any plans for a Deepsea replacement?”

Max laughed evilly again, “Not yet, but I let you know when I come up with one.”


Athena: Today, Max used something even more powerful then Vandal. His mind. He thought of sending Deepsea to steal the Light Code in hopes of getting Trevor to use it. He was successful in do so. You can see your mind is a power tool – never waste it. See ya, tomorrow!

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