Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December's game is "Cartoon Action Hour"

Here's how I come that decision.

Christmas (the main Holiday in December)
Santa Claus (one of the famous mascot of Christmas other then J.C.)
Toys (Santa is know for delivering toys)
Cartoons (Some cartoons are know for being marketing)
Dungeons & Dragons (Had a cartoon)
Tabletop Games (What "Dungeons and Dragon" is)
Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2 (It's also a tabletop game.)

As promised, it will features Santa Claus and his pals. Santa's Status is the following based on what I wrote last year around Christmas season.


Santa Claus
"The Christmas Eve Toy-Giver"

Appearance: A fat old bearded man with grey hair and blue eyes dress in either a red sweater and red long-johns or the familiar red hat, red coat, white gloves, red pants, and black boots.

* Mental Hang-Up (Loves children)

Traits: Driving 10 (SP x2), Piloting 10 (SP x2), Toy-Making 10 (SP x2), Agile 9, Smarts 11 (SP x2), Quick Thinking 9, Children Research 11 (SP x2), Naughty & Nice Database 100 (Enhancer +50, Adventage: Adds the Enhancer bonus to Children Research trait, Accessory), Elf Knowledge 12 (SP x2), Winged Reindeer Knowledge 12 (SP x2), Christmas Magic 100 (Clusters: Healing, Transforming, Traveling, Attack/Defend, Movement, Miscellaneous)

Stats: Threshold 12, Battling Rating 100


That means rare breaks means rule break of any "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2" rules is fine.

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