Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween/Day of Dead/All Saint Day Ideas

Halloween time -- but we entering the Day of the Dead (Mexico's Halloween) and All Saint Day,, so, the following list of series for Cartoon Action Hour could be use for a one of these three Halloween of candy, costume, and creatures.

  • Costume Defenders (one of Bryan Beyer's series)
  • Creature Busters (Halloween PDF from when CAH: Season 2 was released)
  • Dark Brigade (A old series from CAH: Season 1)
  • Gem (My sun-theme "Jem and the Holograms" homage.")
  • Hero Inc. (Heroes are always good for a Halloween theme episode)
  • Hypermon (Anime PDF )
  • Molly (A shape-changing is good one for a Halloween.)
  • Pokemon (Not matter if you following the anime, the manga or the video game -- or if you using the regular main characters or original  characters.)
  • Talkimon (of course my homage to Pokemon)
  • The Alienformers (See Molly)
  • Transbots (See Molly)
  • Warrior of Cosmos (Nekkrottus is a skeleton. We also has zombies here.)

They are more ideas for a Halloween theme -- the sky is the limit -- and as C.C.M. said in the rule book, that's even debate when it comes to cartoons.

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