Sunday, November 11, 2012

Special: Wreck-It Ralph characters for Cartoon Action Hour

I did not see the movie yet, but I did read the plot summary over at Wikipedia. If you want to get spoiled for this Disney  movie, click the read more. If you don't, then head someplace else.

Name: Ralph


Emotion Ties  (Fix-It Felix Jr.)
Emotion Ties (Vanellope Von Schweetz.)
Duty (To play his Bad Guy role in his arcade game, "Fix-It Felix)

Traits: Temper 1x, Large Fist 10 (Specialty x4, Arcade Knowledge 8 (Specialty x2)

Oomph: 4

PoPP: 53 PoPPs.


Name: Vanellope Von Schweetz



* Duty (Leading the crew of the "Sugar Rush" game)
* Emotion Ties (To Ralph)

Traits: Leadership 7, Glitching 8 (Advantage: Short range transportation), Deadpan Snarker 7, "Sugar Rush"
Knowledge 8, "Sugar Rush" Kart 8 (Vehicle), Princess Crown 8 (Advantage: Allows her to leave "Sugar Rush", Disadvantage: Prevent use of her Glitching, Accessory), Driving 8 (Specialty)

Oomph: 4

PoPP: 78 PoPPs

V.V.S's "Sugar Rush" Kart's Appearance:

V.V.S's "Sugar Rush Kart's Traits: Speed 6, Maneuverability 6


Name: Fix-It Felix Jr.

1735WIR VideoGame Felix Pose.jpg

* Emotion Ties (To Ralph)
* Emotion Ties (To Sgt. Calhoun)
* Duty (To his arcade game, "Fix-It Felix Jr.")

Traits: Agility 8, Magic Hammer 8 (Advantage: Can fix anything, Disadvantage: Can't wreck anything, Accessory), Niceness 8

Oomph: 3

PoPPs: 39 PoPPs


Name: Sgt. Tamora Jean Calhoun


* Emotion Ties (To Fix-It Felix Jr.)
* Archenemy (Cy-Bugs)

Traits: Laser Gun 8 (Enhancer +4, Accessory],  Powersuit 8 (Enhancer +4, Accessory], Bossy 7, Agility 7

Oomph: 3

PoPPs: 48 PoPPs


So what do you think, sir or madam? Mudbath time for me or do I get a medal?

Logging off,
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