Wednesday, November 28, 2012

CAH -- Santa's Time -- Scene 2

Scene #2: On Dec. 2, Santa Claus has his lunch at 12:00 AM

Chaos Ranks: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 9 = Normal.

Question #1: Is he eating out?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 22. Yes. Random Event
Random Event: 49 = Move Away From the Thread = No threads right now. Re-Roll
Random Event -- Roll #2: 42 = Move Towards a Thread - No threads right now. Re-Roll
Random Event -- Roll #3: 79 = Ambiguous Event (That means something vague has happen)
Action Word: 92 = "Vengeance"
Subject Word: 47 = "Attention"
Phrase Word: Rumor has it that Keala Dazzle, an famous actress had badly bruised up a John Wrinkle, a tabloid reporter for spying on her. Neither Keala's agent or John's tabloid will speak on their person's behalf.

Question #2: Does Santa have his Naughty and Nice Database on him?
My View: Very likely.
Mythic View: 81. Yes.


Santa was eating at a food court in one of the many malls in North America. This mall didn't have a mall Santa yet -- so the people would have assumed he is the real deal.

Santa heard people talking about a rumor about the actress, Keala Dazzle. According to the rumor, Keala Dazzle had badly beaten up a tabloid reporter by the name of John Wrinkle. He did to check his Naughty and Nice Database before finishing final 100 of his 200 pizza.

[CAH: Keala's NAD = 11 (Smarts) + 100 (NAND) + 5 (Dice Roll) = 116.]

Santa knowing beating up people is wrong but sometime tabloid writers could break people's privacy so the first person he check was Keala Dazzle. It didn't take long to locate her name on the Naughty and Nice Database. Next to her face was a 60 Christmas Point. The NAND Christmas Point goes up to 100 Christmas Point. Only a non-homeless person with 1 Christmas Point is skipped -- akin to Ebeneezer Scrooge before the Three Ghost of Christmas straight him out.

[CAH: John's NAD = 11 (Smarts + 100 (NAND) + (Dice Roll) = 6 = 117.]

Santa quickly brought on a John Wrinkle's data on the NAND. He was at 60 Christmas Points.

[CAH: Smarts = 11 + 11 = 22]

Santa thought and thought on what happen. He need to check the North Pole Computer, but now. John Wrinkle must had tried to save a child from trouble and end up landing in Keala's lawn after the fact. Both were in the right -- John for saving a child and Keala for protecting her home.

Santa decide to finish his lunch and return to the North Pole. He got business with the North Pole Computer.

=END: S2=

Chaos: Still at a 5.

NPCs to Add: Keala Dazzle and John Wrinkle.

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