Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PDQ - NPCs & Threads

The following are the NPCs for Annabelle's latest adventure. I almost forget about this.  The NPC list is behind a jump cut.


  1. The evil mermaid
  2. Musica 
  3. Queen Donna (Ruler of all mermaids)
  4. Sea Hag (a mermaid witch)
  5. The Seawood Palace (a mermaid theater)
  6. Mermaid Mafia (A evil group of crooked mermaids)
  7. Tina (A mermaid actress for The Seawood Palace)
  8. Rhoda Reese (A famous mermaid actress for The Seawood Palace)
  9. The Five Nobles (All important nobles)
  10. Lady Jane Book, The Education Noble (The noble in charge of schools for mermaids)
  11. Lady Carol Coin, The Treasure Noble (The noble in charge of banks for mermaids)
  12. Lady Willimha The Weapon Noble (The noble in charge of making rustproofed weapons)
  13. The Tourism Noble (The noble in charge of theaters and other entertainment business for mermaids)
  14. The Watcher Noble (The noble that is second-in-command in the mission of watching what's the humans are doing.)
  15. The humans (People of the surface world)
  16. Baron Johanna Black, the Ex-Weapon Noble.

  1. Return Musica to Queen Donna
  2. Find Baron Black and punish her.

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