Thursday, March 7, 2013

PDQ - The Return of Annabelle -- Scene #2

Scene #2: Annabelle pays a visit to the Sea Hag

Chaos: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 < 8.

Question #1: Does the Sea Hag know the evil mermaid that took Musica?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 88. No. Random Event
Random Event: 17 = NPC Action
Action Word: 30 = Break
Subject Word: 46 = Food
Summary: The Sea Hag (My pick for NPC)  tells that she was taking a lunch break when "Musica" was stolen. (Break for food)

Question #2: Does she have a clue where "Musica" might be?
My View: Unlikely
Mythic View: 26.

Question #3: Where could it be?
My View: Complex Question
Action Word: 34 = Lie
Subject Word: 34 = Exceptions
Summary: Sea Hag points her to Seawood Palace, a well-known mermaid theater that's also home base to the Mermaid Mafia.

=Scene #2=

Sea Hag saw Annabelle swimming in and asked, "What's brings you swimming in here?"

Annabelle asked, "I wondering if you may know who took 'Musica'?"

Sea Hag answered, "Nope, I didn't see or heard anything -- I was busying with a lunch break at the time."

Annabelle asked, "Do you know where Musica might be?"

Sea Hag said, "Try the Seawood Palace. It's consider my many mermaids to a theater, but I heard rumors that it's run by the Mermaid Mafia."

Annabelle said, "At least it's a start."

=S2: END=

Chaos: Still at 5

NPC: Add "The Seawood Palace" and "The Mermaid Mafia" to the NPC list.

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