Tuesday, March 5, 2013

PDQ - The Plot

Time for a plot. Since it took me sometime to come up with a plot last time for Annabelle, I'm going to the same thing as last time-- a jump cut:

Try #1:
Action Word: 80
Subject Word: 99
Phrase: "Trust Of Anger"
Meaning: Mermaid aren't know for their anger.

Try #2:
Action Word: 86
Subject Word: 64
Phrase: "Passions Of A Burden"
Meaning: Unknown

Try #3:
Action Word: 48
Subject Word: 10
Phrase: "Block Of Good"
Summary: A mystery evil mermaid had stolen the "Musica" block which controls all music in the world. Music above and below the sea will be strange until someone recovers it.

Plot's been set. Tomorrow will be start of the Annabelle's new adventure.

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