Sunday, May 5, 2013

CAH:S2 Kickstarter Update #2 - The New Mysterious Stretch Goals Reveal.......

The two mystery stretch goal has been revealed. One of those new stretch goals has been passed.

I let the Cartoon Mistress, Cynthia Celeste Miller reveal the second one: "The second new stretch goal will be unlocked at $6,500 and will be a mini "series book" written by Robert Wieland (of Shadowrun/Star Wars Saga/The Bridge/CAMELOT Trigger/Firefly RPG fame). He is currently trying to decide between a "paramitary group-versus-aliens" type of series and a "Real Ghostbusters"-influenced series. Whichever he decides on, it's going to be amazing!"

The one that been passed is a mini-series book for "Galactic Heroes", the terrible cartoon that starred Jason Bravesteel and Kargorr. Cynthia said the following: "Trust me, it will be wildly entertaining and will present fans with game stats for these two dubious icons."

I want more cartoon series, so please donate to the Kickstarter by following the link below:

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