Thursday, May 2, 2013

CAH:S2 - Mermaid Squad - Act #1, Scene #1

Question #1: Is this a scene with the bad guys?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 49. Yes.

Act #1, Scene #1: Dr. Snot and Snare launched their weather machine.

=A1,S1: START=

Dr. Snot said, "As you know -- ACHOO! --  this -- ACHOO! -- machine will us to -- ACHOO!-- control ACHOO! -- the weather."

Dare replied, "I all ready know that!"

Dr. Snot said, "I did that -- ACHOO! -- for the kiddies -- ACHOO! -- watching at -- ACHOO!"

Dare asked, "Should I become the launch sequence?" 

Dr. Snot said, "You can --ACHOO! -- Dare. We won't have -- ACHOO! episode -- if you  don't -- ACHOO! -- launch it."

Dare remarked, "10....9......8....7....6...5....4....3..,.2...1.....BLAST OFF!!! The Weather Machine is ready and active.

Dr. Snot said, "Give New Tokyo -- ACHOO! -- a very long cold shower!!"

Dare said, "Heavy rainstorm coming right up, boss!"

=A1,S2: END=

Chaos: At 5.

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