Wednesday, May 15, 2013

CAH;S3 Kickstarter Update #8: "ATM" Add-On Unlocked!!

The following is a list of Stretch Goals for the CAH:S3's Kickstarter, I kept posing updates until the end of the Kickstarter. Those in bold like this sentence had been founded. 

  1. 5,000: "Galactic Heroes" Mini-Series book = A mini-series about that terrible cartoon that Jason Bravesteel and Kargorr star in.
  2. 5,500: Additional Artwork = The book gets more pictures.
  3. 6,000: Additional Series = The rule book gets 5 extra series.
  4. 6,500: Mini-Series Book From Robert Weiland = A new series book will come from him.
  5. 7,000: "Captive Souls" Mini-Supplemental = A book based a fictional cartoon series done by people over at the "Monkeys Took My Jetpack" are playing.
  6. 8,000: Mini-Series Book From Steven "Bull" Ratkovich = A new series book will come from him.
  7. 8,000: "Going Japanese" Book: Bryan Beyer's updates and expend his popular "Going Japanese" PDF for Season 3.
  8. 9,000: Mini-Series Book From Ebby Webb = A new series will come from him, a.k.a the Former Vice President of Spectrum Games. 
  9. 9,500: "After These Messages" Add On: This unlocks a $10 dollar add on for "After These Messages" allowing those who donated by "Cartoon Hero" level to get the ATM  for $8 bucks.
  10. 10,000: Mini-Series Book From Jason L Bair = A new series will come from him.
  11. 11,000: Mini-Series Book From Steve Long =  A new series will come from him.
  12. 12,000: Mini-Series Book From Shane Hanley =: A new series will come from him.
  13. 13,000: Mini-Series Book From Matt Forbeck = A new series will come from him
  14. 14,000: Mini-Series Book From John Wick = A news series will come from him.
  15. 16,000: "Wasteland 2012" = I let Cynthia Celeste Miller take this one: "This stretch goal unleashes the full-length "Wasteland 2012" series in PDF Format. Mutations. Sorcery. Barbarians. Robots. This series has it all."
  16. 17,000: "Beyond the Eighties" = This PDF supplement will take CAH from the 80s and into other decades such as 60s, 70s, 90s and the present day.
  17. 18,000: Setback and Oomph Cards = Beautiful art on cards standing in for Setback Tokens and Oomph
  18. 20,000: Alternate "Hardcover"  Add-On = "Cartoon Heros" or Above Backers will have access to a brand new #25 Add-On. This add-on will allow the backer to upgrade his or her rulebook to hardcover format.
  19. 22,000: Custom Dice = Getting here earns the backers three special "Cartoon Action Hour" twelve-sided dice better know as a D12.
  20. 24,000: "The Complete Guide to Warriors of The Cosmos" = A huge PDF that explains everything about the most popular series, "Warriors of The Cosmos". 
  21. 50,000: "After These Messages Deluxe Offer": If this goal is reached. those who got the "After The Message" On" get a free delivery of it.
If you want to donate, please follow the link below: 

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