Tuesday, May 7, 2013

CAH:S2 = Mermaid Squad - Act #3, Scene # & Act #3, Scene #2

#1 = GM Pool is at 4 (Had to use two 6 OOMPHs from the Pool to prevent Dare from going under earlier)
#2 = Chaos is still at 5.
#3 = Commercial Break was no effect

Question #1: Should I drop the Chaos Roll?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 3. Expectoration Yes. It's drop.

It's time to find out the order of the final fight. Since Dr. Snot is the main villain, he gets +3 add to his roll:

Alice: 3 + 8 = 11
Charlotte: 2 + 9 = 10
Dorothy: 4 + 10 = 14
Dr. Snot:: 3 + 4 = 7
Pippi: 2 + 2 = 4

Or owner for the final battle is the following: Dorothy, Alice, Charlotte, Dr. Snot, and Pippi.

==Act #3, Scene #1: START =

The Mermaid Squad had gotten though Light Tower by going though it's air vent system to reach the blimp without taking the stairs -- the sooner they get to Dr. Snot, the safer New Tokyo would be. As soon as they out of the roof's air vent they entered the Dr. Snot's own air vents for his own blimp and made they way to control room of the blimp to face Dr. Snot. They were crawl out with out making Dr. Snot turn to face them.

Dorothy fires her crossbow at the control panel that Dr. Snot was working on.

[CAH:S2: Dorothy: 5 + 3 + 9 = 17. Dr. Snot: 7 + 5 = 10. 10 < 14. Setback Token for Dr. Snot]

Dorothy's arrow hit the control park and three happens: the first was sparks flying everywhere, the second was that the rainstorm was stopped, and the third was Dr. Snot turning to face them.

After a cough, Dr. Snot yelled  as he take out his Bazooka, "You should have just join me!"

Alice remarked, as she leaped out at Dr. Snot with her sword, "Sorry, I don't feel like coming a skeleton!"

[CAH:S2: Alice = 6 + 3 + 12 (BOON). 12 + 3 + 12 = 27.  Dr. Snot:  6 + 3 + 11 = 20. 27 - 20 = 7. 7 < 10. Dr. Snot gets another Setback Token.]

Alice's sword flashes though the cannon ball from Dr. Snot's Bazooka sending it flying into the roof of the Dr. Snot's blimp. The blimp starts to fall to Earth.

[Mythic: Does the Game Master use the Villain Escape trick. My View: Very Likely. Mythic View: 21. Yes.]
[CAH:S2. Sends two Oomphs for the Villain Trick: Escape Roll = 11 (Yes!)]

Dr. Snot sneezed as he press a button on his belt. Dr. Snot remark as an actived large jet pack appeared on his back and took him upwards, "You haven't see the last of me! I will return"

Alice remarked, "Like a bad penny."

Pippi said, "Charlotte, stop this crazy thing before we get kill!"

[CAH;S2. Smart: 6 + 10 = 16. Charlotte: 7 + 8 = 15. Failure.]

Charlotte saw that the control panels for the blimp were all exploding around them and then said, ""No can do, Pippi.  Dr. Snot may have won today."

=A3, S1: END=

Find out what happens below in Act #3, Scene #2

=Act #3, Scene #2=

Alice, Dorothy, Charlotte and Pippi come too. They were in their own Lighthouse on Rocky Island. Watching them were three familiar people to them: May O'Brain, Jill Arts, and Jack Arts.

May remarked, "Thanks for helping out New Tokyo."

Alice said, "But Dr. Snot had vow to return."

Jill Arts said, "Not for a few episodes. He need to rebuilt his blimp and find Dare."

Dorothy said, "You got a point there."

Charlotte remarked, "Any one up for food!"

Pippi said, "As long as it's cheeseburgers, I'm up!"

The other started laughing at Pippi.

=A3, S2: END=

No idea for After-The-Show-Message, so I said, "Roll credits!"

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