Wednesday, May 29, 2013

CAH:S3 Kickstarter Update #19: Another Goal Gotten!

Well, it's looks like we can check off another goal on the stretch list. The bold goals on the list below are stuff that we gotten so far.

  1. 5,000: "Galactic Heroes" Mini-Series book = A mini-series about that terrible cartoon that Jason Bravesteel and Kargorr star in.
  2. 5,500: Additional Artwork = The book gets more pictures.
  3. 6,000: Additional Series = The rule book gets 5 extra series.
  4. 6,500: Mini-Series Book From Robert Weiland = A new series book will come from him.
  5. 7,000: "Captive Souls" Mini-Supplemental = A book based a fictional cartoon series done by people over at the "Monkeys Took My Jetpack" are playing.
  6. 8,000: Mini-Series Book From Steven "Bull" Ratkovich = A new series book will come from him.
  7. 8,000: "Going Japanese" Book: Bryan Beyer's updates and expend his popular "Going Japanese" PDF for Season 3.
  8. 9,000: Mini-Series Book From Ebby Webb = A new series will come from him, a.k.a the Former Vice President of Spectrum Games. 
  9. 9,500: "After These Messages" Add On: This unlocks a $10 dollar add on for "After These Messages" allowing those who donated by "Cartoon Hero" level to get the ATM  for $8 bucks.
  10. 10,000: Mini-Series Book From Jason L Bair = A new series will come from him.
  11. 11,000: Mini-Series Book From Steve Long =  A new series will come from him.
  12. 12,000: Mini-Series Book From Shane Hanley =: A new series will come from him.
  13. 12,500: "The Complete Guide to Warriors of The Cosmos" = A huge PDF that explains everything about the most popular series, "Warriors of The Cosmos".
  14. 13,000: Mini-Series Book From Matt Forbeck = A new series will come from him
  15. 13,500: Mini-Series Book From Thomas Willoughby = A news series will come from him.
  16. 14,000: Mini-Series Book From John Wick = A news series will come from him.
  17. 14,500: Mini-Series Book From Flint Dille = A news series will come from him.
  18. 16,000: "Wasteland 2012" = I let Cynthia Celeste Miller take this one: "This stretch goal unleashes the full-length "Wasteland 2012" series in PDF Format. Mutations. Sorcery. Barbarians. Robots. This series has it all."
  19. 17,000: "Beyond the Eighties" = This PDF supplement will take CAH from the 80s and into other decades such as 60s, 70s, 90s and the present day.
  20. 18,000: Setback and Oomph Cards = Beautiful art on cards standing in for Setback Tokens and Oomph
  21. 20,000: Alternate "Hardcover"  Add-On = "Cartoon Heroes  or Above Backers will have access to a brand new #25 Add-On. This add-on will allow the backer to upgrade his or her rulebook to hardcover format.
  22. 22,000: Custom Dice = Getting here earns the backers three special "Cartoon Action Hour" twelve-sided dice better know as a D12.
  23. 50,000: "After These Messages Deluxe Offer": If this goal is reached. those who got the "After The Message" On" get a free delivery of it.

We got only 4 days to go, so if you want to donate, please hurry over to the CAH:S3 by following the link below.....

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