Thursday, July 10, 2014


Last one and that goes to Faye....

Roll: 1 & 1 = Lost World

In Issue #16 of FAYE, Faye was rescuing people from people from earthquake in not to far from Area 52 in Roswell. She missed jump and end up in a underworld of dinosaur-like humanoids. The leader, King Trent Horn. Turn out that that alien that crash in 1950s was not from outer space but was plan of the dinosaur-like humanoids to remind the humans they are still around and not to to forget the first group of powerful creature that were top of the food chain before humans.. After defeating Lady Rex, Faye was able to have King Trent meet the President of the USA.  While this was hipping, the leader of Area 52 explains they knew it already and the name of the place is called, "Suar City." -- as it's contains dinosaurs and it's a sour spot for Area 52. Faye groan at the bad pun.

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