Saturday, March 10, 2012

Meddling Kids: The New Athens Cliche's Goof = Ginna Baytime

I forget to update my blog yesterday. That's OK. You getting two posts here. This one – featuring the New Athens's Cliche's Goof.

Name: Ginna Baytime
Archetype: The Goof


Strengh: 5
Moves: 8
Smarts: 5


Clown (Health +2) = Freebie
Bottomless Stomach (Health + 1)= -1
Double-Jointed (Moves + 3) = -5
Grossout (Health + 1) = -1
Pack Rat (Smarts + 1) = -5
Weirdness Magnet = -3
Connected (Smarts + 2) = -1
Geek (Smarts +2) = -4


Gina's appearance is a teenage girl with black hair and black eyes usually dressed in a purple blouse, pink vest with four pockets, purple skirt, and purple sneakers.


Gina was the one that fished out Waterfall's ice block from the sea. Gina has connections across the United States of America. Gina has a love of "1980s cartoons", "cooking shows" and "game shows" that some people would claim borders on metal illness. Gina aslo has a bottomless stomach and is always hungry.

Notes on Ginna's Abilities:

Clown = The character can make anyone laugh including villains and monsters.
Bottom Stomach = The character can eat a lot of food, and not get sick
Double-Jointed = This can be use anytime a character needs super dexterity, as with yoga, or sqeeuzing into a small space.
Grossout = Yick! This allows a character to have anyone get diguisted just become he or she did
something really gross (show chewed food, burp, has gas, pick his or her nose, make nasty nosies, what ever seems right at the time).
Pack Rat = The character has a habit of keeping the weirdiest stuff in his or her pockets or hang bags. If that character or a member of Cliche needs a odd item, roll to see if you have it. The Catch: It must be an item that an item that fit in a pocket or purse.
Weirdness Magnet = Another very special ability. Your character seems to naturally attract strange things and people. You, the player, do not roll this ability; the monster or whatever nearby weirdo makes a Smart roll to see if it notices you. Great to have if the Clique needs someone as bait for a trap.
Connected = You know a lot of gossip, and the best way you find out the scoop on anyone is thought all your connections. Roll to see if and what you find out. Note: Gossip isn't always relibable information.
Geek = This help a character to remember any knowedlge about TV Show, movies, comic books, and other pop-culture triva.


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