Thursday, March 8, 2012

Meddling Kids: New Athens's Cliche's The Brain = Donna Zennie

We are done with half of the group thanks to Wild Card and Jock. All "meddling kids" group needs "The Brain" and that's what we going to do for this post.

Name: Donna Zennie
Archetype: The Brain


Moves: 7
Health: 5


Bookworm (Smarts + 1d6) = Freebie
Dodge (Moves + 1d6) = -5
Monster Mind (Smarts + 3) = -6
Nosey (Smarts +2) = -2
Slam (Smarts + 1) = -3
Sleuth (Smarts + 3) = -4


Usually, Donna Zennie appears as a red hair girl with red eyes dressed in a wire-frame glassess, white shirt with a pocket, baggy cargo pants, and loafers.


Donna Zennie's dad, Zarra Zennie, is retired film dictor know more making famous fantasy films n the 1980s in Hollywood, Californa. Her mother, Tanya Zennie, is a retired animated that worked on many of the 1980s action cartoons. It's no mystery why Donna Zennie has a love affair with monsters of all kind. Her favorite monster happen to be mermaids of all types and genders. When her friends freed Waterfall from her block of ice, she was the one that "flipped her wig" when it was discover that Waterfall was still alive! She does have a "mad sceincist" type laugh, which she claim it runs in the Zennie family.

Notes on Donna's Abilities:

Bookworm = For any roll when researching a subject that’s in a library, or to remember something you’ve previously read in a book. This does not apply to online research.
Dodge = The character can dodge any object flying at him or her.
Monster Mind = The character knows so much about supernatural monsters (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, aliens, etc.) that he or she can almost think just like them. Roll to see if your character knows what the monster will do next.
Nosey = This helps a character determine whether or not to give in to the urge to investigate any situation. If you don’t make the Target Number, the character will investigate, no matter how dangerous it may seem.
Slam = This helps a character to have a quick come-back to any insult or obvious statement
Sleuth = This helps a character to look for clues.

Zennie's "Zennie's Family Mad Scienist's Laugh" Claim:

It's up to the GM to decide if this is true or not. For my "Meddling Kid" game, I'm assuming true.  

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