Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Meddling Kids: The New Athens Cliche's Jock = Jacqueline Kitting

"Meddling Kids" playable cliche (their term for a group of meddling kids) can fit in one of the following archetypes:

* The Jock: The strong adventurer who’s got the muscle and the courage.
The Fluff: The attractive character that becomes the focus of all love interests. 
The Brain: The smart one in the group. 
* The Goof: The wacky character who always sees the humor in any situation.
The Temper: The emotionally driven character that can motivate others into
action; sometimes a trickster or a rebel. 
* The Sidekick: The dependable one who’s always there in a jam.
* The Innocent: The optimist who always sees the best in everyone
and everything.

First off, since I say my New Athens including their Wild Card are all female. I'm removing "The Fluff" from the group. Well, I need a leader for the group -- and the usually it's the Jock of the team. To find the stats of a character you need to make your number up to to 24. Each stat has a limit of 10. For abilities, you have 26 to take -- but you get one freebie. The abilities cost is after the "=" sign in the full states below

The following is the full stat of the New Athens Cliche's Jock: Jacqueline Kitting.

Name: Jacqueline Kitting
Archetypes: The Jock


Strength: 10
Moves: 5
Smarts: 4
Health: 5


Sporty (Strength +3) = Freebie
Sprint (Moves + 3) = -4
Immovable (Health + 3) = -5
Level-Head (Health + 3) = -3
Sneak (Moves +3) = -4
Strong-Willed (Health +3) = -7


Usually, Jacqueline Kitting is a brown hair teenage with brown eyes usually wearing a blue polo, blue jeans and blue and white sneakers.


As a baby,Jacqueline Kitting was know for kicking anyone from the doctor who brought her into the world to family members. At age of  2, she stopped fighting realizing she can that she had a mouth and was able to talk to her parents with ease. Her parents would say she was the only kid in the world that didn't have a "terrible two" in her life. Both her parents,  Donna and Kevin Kitting, are a substitute teacher for the city of New Athens. Her friends usually call her "Queen" -- if they don't want to use her full name.

Notes on "Queen"'s Abilities:

Sporty = This gives a character a bonus to all sport-related activities, like running, throwing, hitting, or catching.
Sprint = This helps a character to run quickly a short distance (about 100 yards).
Immovable = This helps a character to stand his or her ground when someone is
charging at the character.
Level-Headed = The character rarely loses his or her cool, no matter how stressed
or angry the others may be.
Sneak = This determines how well a character can move without making any noise.
Strong-Willed = Rarely will the character be bullied or even give up during a stare-down; the character might even giggle or just be confused by the bully. Roll to see if the character’s will breaks.

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