Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Meddling Kids: The New Athens Cliche's Wildcard = Waterfall

The following is the New Athens Cliche's Wild Card. Wild Card is the mascot of the team such as Speedy Buggy, Jabberjaw, The Funky Phantom & Scooby-Doo. I think I make the cliche a four member team. The number "four counts" the Wild Card. All of them are female as I promised some time in November 2011.

Name: Waterfall
Archetype: Wild Card


Strength = 7
Moves = 7
Smarts = 3
Health = 7

Abilities = Cost

Quirks (Always has to comb her hair after getting hit by something: food, trash, monster's tail, etc.) = Freebie
Speaks (No Roll Needed) = 2
Brawler (Strength + 6) = 7
Fish Out of Water (Health + 1d6) = 5
Wild Whiz (The Sea)[Smart + 6] = 6
Skit (Smart + 6) = 6


The New Athens Cliche were just minding their business at Maid Beach. They were fishing when one of them got a hook. He thought he hooked a whale or shark -- but it turn out to a mermaid stuck in ice. They got the mermaid out of the ice -- and the New Athens Cliche got their mermaid's name:Waterfall. Waterfall, the Mermaid, is a blond hair teenage mermaid with a blue shirt and orange tail. She enjoys swimming, singing, and sun-tanning. She hates toxic waste, sharks, and losing her comb.

Notes on Waterfall's Abilities:

Speaks = No Roll Needed. The Wild Card can talk and everyone (not just the Clique) understands.
Brawler = The Wild Card is able to fight with any natural part of its body, such as teeth, claws, fists, etc. In this case, it's stands for Waterfall's tail.
Fish Out of Water = The Wild Card can adapt to any environment, regardless of its species.
Wild Whiz = This knowledge can be of any subject matter (not just school subjects), but only one subject per Whiz ability. Examples: Wild Whiz - Comic Books, Wild Whiz - Pop Songs, Wild Whiz - Italian cuisine, etc. In Waterfall's case s abilities - this related to the sea itself.
Skirt  = The Wild Card has the talent to turn the situation into a funny skit in order to confuse the monster or villain. The skit must be described to all players.

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