Saturday, March 17, 2012


Scence #2: Our cliche arrives at the Playfest 2010

Choas Ranking: 5
Choas Rolling: 5 < 6.

Question #1: Are they sticking together?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 6.Expectional Yes. The group is heading there to test a retro-RPG that might have been a Supergame NES games that will coming to X-Box Arcade, WiiWare, and the Sony Entertaiment Network.

=Scence #2=

Ginna Baytime, Donna Zeenie, Jacqueline Kitting and Waterfall entered the the large convention building where Playfest 2010 was at. They were weclome by Dan Potter, the brother of Amy Potter

Donna asked, "Where is Amy?"

Dan answered, "As soon after she did the speech, she told me that she will be doing a "Spirit of Century" game for some of the lucky gamers here."1 He paused for a second and asked, "Since they are no real monsters for you to deal with today: so what are you going do?"

Ginna Baytime said, "We heading to test a retro console role-playing game for a company we saved from faking a water element."

Dan said, "Who ever thought that up was all wet."

After the New Athens clique laugh, Dan passed Jacqueline a map and said, "Have fun, Queen and co."

=Scence 2=

Choas: Stay 5

Add: Dan Potter, Amy's brother to the NPCs.

1 MYTHIC: Are they weclomed by Amy Potter? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 98. Expectional No. Amy Potter had a game room set-up and right now in the middle of "The Spirit of Century game". They are wecloemd by Dan Potter

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