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Meddling Kids: New Athens

This post is all about New Athens.

Founding of New Athens:

It starts off with four Greece-Americans heading out west after the Civil War was finished. They make they were to a nice beach location on what you be the Pacific Ocean side of Oregon.  The founding call it Maid Beach as each one used the first letter of their last name: Mistress Myagoron, Mister Alathinin, Mistress Icakizina, and Mister Dorrozzini.

This lead them to founder to lead to a discover that they love ancient Greek myth, so they decide to build a town called "New Athens". When Oregon become a state, New Athens become part of the United States of America.


Presently, most of the New Athens business related to games -- card games, board games, dice games, table-top role-playing games, and video games. Every year since 1972, they is Playfest -- a week long game convention featuring all games off all the previous mention. In the past two years, the biggest sections are "table-top role-playing games" and the "video games". 

They are few animated studio here -- working doing web-based cartoon. One company even vow to make a retro-1980s cartoon for "Netflix" but need time to make a sixty-five episodes series. 

Sports are good money makers as always -- and New Athens is no exception to the rules. The professional football team called  "The Gordons". The professional baseball team is called "The Titans". The professorial hockey time is called "The Cerberuses". The professional basketball team is called "The Peagusies".

In the comic book company, Zeus Comics, makes it's home here. Most superhero are named after the Greek gods and goddess.

The most famous book copy is Athena Publishing Company. It's famous series is the kid book series "Computer Cyan", a female kid detective in the fictional town of Ivywood, Georgina.

High School:

The New Athens Cliche goes to school at Jayina Niffon Myagoron High School. Most people call it J.N.M High School -- including the New Athens Cliche. The school's team teams are The Hydras (for the boys) and The Harpies (for the girls).

Myths and Urban Legends:

The following are myths and urban legends that might be use by a crook or happen to be really real!

  • A old theme park know as "Fairyville" that was closed two months after Walt Disney open up Disneyland in California is hunted by "The Forgotten Princess", "Fairyville owners claimed that she was the last story, the Brothers Grim listen to. The Brothers Grim were shocked by the nasty events of the story and didn't write the story down in their book of fairy tales. 
  • The Museum of Natural Western American History is hunted by Allen Gergon, a famous pulp-era gangster know getting his heart removed by a shotgun from a rival gangster. His heart is on permanent delay at this museum. 
  • Hercules Mall, the largest mall in the city, is hunted by a Judy Loomstone, a old actress who lost half of her brain in a dangerous stunt while filming a movie in California. She is know for a pretty random ghost by so-called "ghost hunters".
  • The old Goldbrim Factory, a hat factory is hunted by the Chemical Creature. Legends claim the Creature was make from mercury and people claim that it's as or greater insane then Mad Hatter of "Wonderland" fame.
  • Gordon Radio, a old radio station building is hunted by Archane, a half-spider and half-human creature. Someone people who escape from Archane sounds ancient enough to really be Archane that Athena turned into a spider and believes with time, Archane might become fully human again. The heartless critics think that it's a female crook that wanted a full spider outfit -- but only got a half of one. The normal critics just shrug their shoulders.
  • Neptune Park, the city's largest park is know for Fairy, who loves to pull pranks if anyone enters the Fairy Forrest. Some fairy freaks think she's real as Waterfall. Critics of the fairy freaks believe she's just someone in costume. One thing both can agree on is that Fairy isn't a problem.
  • Old Brimstone Church, is home to one of the Gomia, an Angel of Games. Back in the mid-1980s, when Father Steve Salt was rating against pen and paper role-playing games. Gornia appeared before him and used her sword to kill him. Gamers  believe Gornia is real and proof that God doesn't hate Gamers. 
  • Foggy Lake, a lake at Hera Park, is home to the Foggy Frog, a large frog that loves to eat anything he can get this tongue on. 

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