Monday, December 3, 2012

CAH -- Santa's Time -- Scene #5

Scene #5: Dec. 7, Santa Claus gets another visit from Nancy Nice.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Rolling: 9 > 5 = Normal.

Question #1: Is they someone who is at 1 or below on the NANDB?
My View: Very Likely
Mythic View: 18.

Question #2: Is the person a male?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 79. It's a female

Question #3: What is the female's job?
My View: Complex Question
Action Word: 58 = Betray 
Subject Word: 54 = Investment 
Phrase: "Betray of Investment" 
Meaning: She is Maya Muck, a greedy business collector who do hostile takeovers and then sells companies for extraordinarily high prices. 

Question 4: Was they a problem with the NANB early?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 33. Yes. Random Event
Random Event: 35 = Introduce a New NPC
Action Word: 41 = Expose
Subject Word: 68 = Rumor
Phrase: "Expose of Rumor"
Meaning: Carol, a Shopping Elf  heard a rumor that the "M" section was not wired correctly and was stuck in the machine until a few hours ago. The rumor was right and she send much of the time stuck there to redo the "M" section's wire.

=Scene #5=

Santa saw a large skeleton dressed in a purple robe holding a mace entering. He wasn't too scare as he said, "Hello, Nancy Nice." 

Nancy Nice said, "I not going to mince my  words. Do you have a person for us."

A near-by Shopping elf,Carol, handed Nancy a piece of paper with the name of "Maya Muck" on it.

Nancy asked, "Maya Muck? That greedy business collector who buys and then sells companies back for mammoth amounts of cash."

Santa said, "The one and the same. She's at 1 on the NAND."

Nancy said, "Why wasn't she recorded earlier?"

Carol remarked, "My thought. I heard rumors that the M section wasn't corrected and end up entering and working on. I just got out a few hours ago."

Nancy nodded, "Let's hope, my team can scare  the Christmas into her.."

=S5: END=

Chaos: Still at a 5.

Add to NPCs:
Maya Muck, Criminal Business Collector & Carol, a Shopping Elf

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