Saturday, December 15, 2012

What's Coming Up!

Ok! Since I'm getting close to the end of Santa's Time. It's time to find out what's new going to happen next year. I will make no promises that I would be the following games -- and thing will change depending on when CAH:S3 comes to town.

  • January 2013: Betty Coin and her gang will get adventure. This is to honor the upcoming PS3/PSVita game, "Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time". Could be CAH:S2 or PDF. 
  • February 2013: You get a look of how I do a "Gem" game for CAH:S2, and that's the February Game. 
  • March 2013: Return to my ICON's Superhero game featuring Ruby.
  • April 2013: Erma might be future in a few "Toon" games in honor of "April Fools Days!"
  • May 2013: Might be a mystery game either featuring my CAH:S2 mystery solvers, "Betty and Company" or my Meddling Kids characters.
  • June 2013: Unknown. Might feature a mermaid or two.
  • July 2013: Might be CAH:S2  series that takes has the episode in Washington D.C (reason: to honor July Fourth . -- suitable series includes the following series :
    • "Amy Actor"
    • "Angel"
    • "Alienformers"
    • "Area 52"
    • "Betty and Company"
    • "Carra Team"
    • "Chrono Fixers"
    • "Final Lap"
    • "Gem"
    • "GUISE"
    • "Hero Inc."
    • "Magic Mistress"
    • "Molly"
    • "Strikeforce Freedom"
    • "Wasteland 2012"
  • August 2013: Unknown. PC(s) might use water or fire.
  • September 2013: Another mystery done in either "Meddling Kids" or "CAH:S2" dealing with a old college.
  • October 2013: A "Halloween Episode" done with "CAH:S2". All series count.
  • November 2013: Unknown. 
  • December 2013: May be CAH:S3 episode themed to a "Christmas" episodes  All "Earth"  series set in the present "Earth' (that could be 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 7777 A.D. or 10500000 A.D.)

Remember I make no promises on any of the above idea

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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