Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unsolved Real Life Puzzle

Before we get back to my CAH game feature Santa Claus, St. Nick, Father Christmas, etc. I have a Unsolved Real Life Puzzle for you:

I usually lend my mother, Queenie Thinker, to have my "Kindle Fire" so she can play non-Internet games with her mother and my grandmother, Grandma Thinker. I know for a fact that Grandma Thinker doesn't have a Internet at all.

Until after 5:30 PM last Friday, all of my music -- including Christmas music are on's Cloud. You need the Internet for the's Cloud to be working.

About around  4:30 PM, Queenie and me, Dr. Fowl Thinker, were heading home from my work place. Somehow, Queenie got into my Christmas music and somehow touched and played Burt Ives's "A Holly Jolly Christmas" at Grandma Thinker's house.

I thought Queenie was joking, so I decide to show her up by showing you need the Internet to use the Cloud,. When I touched "A Holly Jolly Christmas", it played while we were on the road. On the next one, Nate King Cole's "Deck the Hall", the Kindle Fire stop it and told me I need the Internet for it.

So I am puzzled of why "A Holly Jolly Christmas" played without the Internet. I not expecting anyone to solved this puzzle for me.

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