Thursday, December 20, 2012

CAH:S2 -- Santa's Time -- Scene #10

Scene #10: Santa tries to finish is Africa

Chaos: Still at 5.
Chaos Roll: 5 > 4 = Interrupted

Random Event Roll: 30 = Introduce a New NPC,
Action Word: 75 = Refuse
Subject Word: 83 = Riches

Scene #10: Santa is in Monte Carlos, France, where he sees a badly dressed girl named C.C. reject a check of money from a well-dresses stranger. This is good as C.C. is Casellira Corgalora, a well-known American rich girl who uses her poor girl imagine to sneak some of her money into charities starting anytime during the Christmas season. Santa asks if she wants to help him out which C.C. takes.

= Scene #10=

[From Santa's Trumblr account]

I just was almost finished with my France visit -- only one place was left to be done -- Monte Carlos. On was delivering gifts across to the visiting rich  families, when I saw a girl dressed in a dirty shirt, a ripped skirt and a very beaten pair of sneakers rejecting a well-dress man's outfit of a new clothing.

After the man left in a disappointed mood, I had a hunch and I pointed my Naughty and Nice Database at her. My gut feeling was right as the girl was C.C. a.k.a Casellira Corgalora who was 85 present good. She was born with a rich an use  her poor outfit to sneak money into charities.

With a quick check with North Pole, she has sent me letters that tell me to kept on the usually good actions I always done on Christmas eve. So I dropped down to her and told her that because of her good deeds I decide to ask her to help me out in for this year's sleigh ride. After, she took it. I give her a decent pink blouse, pink skirt,  a pair of pink sneakers, a pink fake fur winter coat  for her to dress in.

=S10: END=

Chaos: Still at 5

NPC: Add C.C.

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