Saturday, December 29, 2012

Changes To The Plan

With a certain homage to a certain PS2 series that is getting a PS3 entry in February 20123  being use in a test run of "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 3", I have to change plans for 2013. All can changed when CAH:S3 comes down the pipeline completely.

  • January: Unknown
  • February: Something related to "love".
  • March: Return to my ICON's Superhero game featuring Ruby
  • April: I will be goofing off with Erma in either "CAH:S2" or "TOON" in honor of "April Fools"
  • May: "Impressive Wrestling Association" gets a workout in "CAH:S2" in honor of the start of the movie' studio's blockbuster summer.
  • June: The summer homage to movie blockbusters continues with "The Mermaid Squad".
  • July: In honor of both July 4 and the movie blockbusters, CAH:S2 will feature "Strikeforce Freedom."
  • August: To close out the homage to movie blockbusters, either an episode of "Transbots" or "Gem" will be feature.
  • September: The New Athens has a new mystery cooking up for them in this month done with "Meddling Kids."
  • October: Something to do with Halloween if I done with the September mystery -- if not, the New Athens's "Meddling Kid" mystery will be completed during this month.
  • November: Unknown.
  • December: Something to do with Christmas. 

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