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CAH:S2 - Santa's Time -- Scene #15, Scene #16 & Scene #17

Scene #15 - Santa and C.C. deal with South America

Chaos Rank: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 4 (Interrupted)

Random Event Roll #1:

Roll: 76 = Ambiguous event
Acton Word: 9 = Malice
Subject Word: 19 = New Ideas
Phrase: "Malice to New Ideas"
Meaning: No clue. Re-roll....

Roll: 74 = PC Positive. That's Santa for you."
Action Word: 48 = Block
Subject Word: 72 = Adversities
Phrase: "Block of Adversities"
Meaning: I have no clue. Re-roll.....

Roll: 80 = Ambiguous Event.
Action Word: 23 = Judge
Subject Word: 57 = Tactics
Meaning: No clue. Assumed it's a normal scene

Question #1: As we open the scene, is Santa Claus finishing up his Christmas eve delivers?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 6. Experiential Yes. He's now he ready to take C.C. back home.

=Scene #15=:

Santa arrive at the sleigh. He turned to C.C. and said the following to her, "Well, I am done with my Christmas eve delivers and it's now time to return you home in London, England."

C.C. nodded.

=S15: END=

Chaos: Still at 5.

Threads: Remove all.

Scene #16: Santa Claus returns to London, England to return C.C. to her home.

Chaos Roll: 5  < 8.

Question #1: Are the parents awake?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View:  50. Nope.

Question #2: Is C.C. a only child?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 40. Yes.

=Scene #16=

Back in London, England. Santa Claus landed by C.C.'s mansion. Santa used his Christmas magic to make a key to the door and open it up.

C.C. remarked, "See you around, St. Nick."

Santa laughed and nodded as he dropped off the presents for C.C.'s parents and herself., "Off course. That's outfit was one of your gifts as well."

C.C. smiled.

=S16: END=

From this point on, I'm dropping off Chaos Ranking and Chaos Rolls: the next scene is the next day, summarizing events.

Scene #17: Santa reads report before his own Christmas lunch with Ms. Claus, the elves and the reindeers.

Question #1: Were the Three Ghost of Christmas successfully in scaring the Christmas into Maya Muck.
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 17. Yes.

=Scene #17=

Santa Claus was looking over a large collection of food: turkey, stuffing, cheese and pickles, mashed potatoes with gravy, pumpkin pie, cheesecake, an assorted of Ms. Claus's Christmas cookies, a collection of   all the soft drinks make by both the Coke and Pepsi company, and enough to candy to make the fictional Willy Wonka look like a kid in a candy store.

Santa saw a new note by this set, "Before we been our feast of dealing with another year. I have report on some news gotten from the Mail Elves. First off, the Three Ghost of Christmas had scare the Christmas into Maya Muck. With that done, let's eat."

And so, Santa and his friends did so.

=S17: END=

And that's done.

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