Saturday, December 15, 2012

CAH:S2 - Santa's Time -- Scene #7

Scene #7: It's 8:00 AM on Christmas Eve, and Santa is about tell the elves it's "crunch time."

Chaos Roll: 5 = 5 (Altered). In this case, the elves had started crunch time all ready. This would be Santa's Tumblr account.

=Scene #7=

[from Trumblr account: therealsanta]

Usually, on Christmas Eve, I usually awaken up and tell the elves it's "crunch time." That means everything had to be finishing being made, gotten from the stores. wrapped (if it can be), or bagged (if it can't be wrapped),. and place in a special warehouse which contains

Half, the time, the elves get busy before I awaken up on Christmas eve. This what happen when I work up. The Shopping Elf stated that they started sorting gifts by country from Austria to United States -- and every country in between and beyond.

=S7: END=

Chaos: Still a 5.

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