Friday, December 21, 2012

CAH:S2 - Santa's Time -- Scene #14

Scene #13:: Santa and C.C. hit North America.

Chaos Ranking: 5
Chaos Roll: 5 > 3 (Altered)

Random Event -- Round #1:

Roll: 89 = PC Negative. Old St. Nick's in trouble.
Action Word: 18 = Move
Subject Word: 25 = Friendship.
Meaning: "Move of Friendship"
Phrase: That's impossible. Re-roll

Random Event -- Round #2:

Roll: 29 = Introduce new NPC
Action Word: 92 = Vengeance
Subject Word: 65 = Intrigues
Phrase: "Vengeance of Intrigues"
Meaning: The gang meet Jack Frost, a servant of the Snow Queen, who had been both a help and a hinder to Santa.

Question #1: Is Jack being good?
My View: Logically.

=Scene #12=

Santa and his slide landed beside a cabin in the Rocky mountains of the United States of America. He saw that the door of the cabin was blow off by a cold hurricane of air and snow. He know that smell of poor coal and wood in the air point to Jack Frost -- the famous spy/servant of Snow Queen.

Santa wasn't supreme by Jack's appearance, a snow elf dressed in a sliver hat, sliver shirt,  sliver pants, and sliver shoes and quickly used some of his Christmas music to repair the door.

Santa remarked, "Hi, Jack. What's news."

[Mythic: Does Jack has a news for Santa Claus? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 19. Yes,.]
[Mythic: What is Jack's new. My View; Complex Question. Action Word:  84 = Care. Subject Word: 74 = Liberty. Phrase: Care of Liberty.  Meaning: A few business CEOes had use some of their money to help weak the United States of America's National Debt. The National Debt is still high but it's the thought that count."

Jack said, "Yes, I do.  A few business CEOes got together to help the USA's Nation Debt goes down. It's not a lot -- the USA's Debt is still in the negative numbers but ti's the thought that count."

Santa asked, "Do you know which companies?"

[Mythic: Does Jack know which companies CEOes got together? My View: Very unlikely. Mythic View: 43. Nope.]

Jack said, "Nope. I got it from the CNN, while I was just skiing the mountain."

C.C. remarked, "Well, that's not surprise me -- it's like Muck Enterprises turning good overnight."

Santa asked, "Would that be Maya Muck's company?"

C.C. replied, "Yes. They tricked me a few times with fake charities. I hope that she gets the same Ghosts that dealt with Mr. Ebeneezer Scrooge."

Santa said, "The Three Ghosts of Christmas are working on her."

C.C. said, "Let's hope they scare the Christmas into her instead of out of her."

Santa and Jack nodded in agreement

=S13: End=

Chaos Still at 5

Add: Jack Frost and Muck Enterprises to the NPCs.

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