Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Christmas Suprize: Santa's Stats in ICONS!

Since my mom and some of the other family members are  downstairs dyeing their hairs, you have to wait until tomorrow for me to hopefully finish off "Ruby #1" -- as I can't roll and post on my Nintendo 3DS -- but do have some for you.

The following is Santa's stats in ICONS. If I broke a rule or more in a rule book, it's because Santa is a pretty much a powerhouse.


Name: Santa Claus
Origin: Unearthly
* Prowess: 10
* Coordination: 10
* Strength: 10
* Intellect: 10
* Awareness: 10
* Willpower: 10
* Wizardry (Christmas Magic): 10
* Immortality: 10
* Illusion: 10
* Leaping: 10
* Wall-Crawling: 10
* Astral Projection: 10
* Time Control: 10
* Leadship (Master)
* Art -- Toy Making (Master)
* Animal Knowledge -- Winged Reeinders (Master)
Stamina: 20
Determination: 1
Height: 5 Foot Even
Weight: 220 lbs
First Appearance: Christmas Classic Comics #1
* Contact: Mrs. Claus
* Catchprase: "Ho Ho Ho"
* Get effect by villains' plots
Appearance: A white hair man with blue eyes and a white beard dress in either red long-johns underneath overhalls or the famous red cap, red coat, red winter pants. and a red boat

Background: Once upon a time, in a elf female and a human male mated and had children in 1001 A.D. That half-elf was Santa Claus.

On the death of his father, his elf mother took Santa to the hidden elf kingdom under the North Pole.

He learn magic from the elf. When, he reached 22 years old, he started with his Christmas Eve's delivery. On arriving back, the Elf Council granted him with powers that would happen him.

Now past the 200 age range, Santa uses his powers to check to see who's naughty or nice, stop villains from ruining his Christmas Eve deliveries, and make sure he avoid awaken humans.

Winged Reeinders stats:

The following are the winged reindeers stats. They look like regular reindeers with hawk wing attach to them. If you want Ruloph's red nose add the following power;Supersense (Red Noise) at 10'

Winged Reindeer
Origin: Birthright
* Prowess: 3
* Coordination: 10
* Strength: 7
* Intellect: 7
* Awareness: 7
* Willpower: 10
* Flight: 10

Logging off,
Dr. Thinker

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