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Ruby #1 - Page #8 to Page #11

RUBY #1 – PAGE #8

Page #8: Onyx and Ruby meet and fight. Ruby is at 8 Stamina. Onyx is at 7 Stamina.

Chaos Roll: 4 < 5 = Normal

Ruby is at 8 Stamina. Onyx is at 7 Stamina.

=Page #8=

Onyx said, “Hello. Ruby. Sticking your nose in my business – leave now or you will face my wrath.”

Ruby answered, “Sorry, I'm here for those art work you stolen.”

Onyx said, “You not going to get them with out a fight.”

Ruby ripped off a large gear from a near-by machine – which accidentally dropped a lot of different machines in different states of work from not fully together to workable.. 1 Onyx grabbed a working laser gun from the floor as she said, “No one messes with the Machine Mistress.” and fired it. Ruby quickly dodge the beam. 2

Ruby realized that she was still holding the gear and decide to throw it at Onyx. The gear was thrown hard enough to remove Onyx's Force Field Belt. 3

Onyx started to rush Ruby as she said, “Now I am really mad!

Ruby used her vines to grabbed Onyx and then throw her down. Onyx was unconscious from the the fall.4

Ruby searched the area for the missing paintings and found them shrunken to the size of a human's thumb. 5

=P8: END=

Chaos: Nothing
Add: Nothing

Threads: Nothing

The following Pages are epilogs for the information. No Chaos ranking or questions for them.

=Page #9=

The next day, Jessica Elfstone smirked as she meet up with Ruby.

Jessica yelled, “Nice work!”

Ruby remarked, “Thanks, but this is just the beginning.”

=P9: END=

=Page #10=

The Troll was walking slowly in a dessert region. He found a familiar person, Diamond, lying in the ground,.

Troll lifted Diamond out of Diamond’s pickle as he said, “Hello, Diamond. Long time, no hiring.”.”

Diamond remarked, “Nice twist.”

Troll asked, “What happen?”

Diamond answered, “Something I want to forget.”

Troll asked, “Did a plant superhero give you his problem?”

Diamond punched Troll so hard that when the Troll awaken up, Diamond was no where to do found.

=P10: END=

=Page #11=

The two guards of the mini-security prison found “Taiyni Crzabasky” in the jail cell in that had kept Onyx for two weeks.

One of the guards said, “Every time that Onyx gets jail, you show up, Taiyni.”

The second of the guards said, “It's like Onyx is a mirror image of you.”

Taiyni asked, “Can I leave?”

The guards agreed as the jail cell was for Onyx, not with Taiyni. As she left the jail, a limo was waiting for her. In the driving sit was a red hair ex-college girl with blue eye dressed in a black t-shirt, blue overalls, black gloves and brown boats. This ex-college girl was Smith, a villain with a similar M.O to Onyx.

Taiyni said, “Thanks for the pick-up.”

Smith said, “You pay better then Diamond.”
Taiyni giggled.

=P11: END=
=RUBY #1: END=

We finished with Ruby's first issue!

Links to NPCs/Threads: Ruby #1's NPC/Threads.
1ICONS: Strength Check = 5 + 1 = 6. Massive Success
2 ICONS: Coordination Check = 7 – 4 = 3. Major Success.
3ICONS: Strength Check = 5 + 0 = 5. = Major Success
4ICONS: Blinding (Vines). Coordination Target: 5. Coordination: 7 + 7 – 1 = 13. Massive Success.. 7 – 13 = -6. Onyx's been defeated.
5ICONS: Awareness Check . Beat 6. 6 + 4 = 10. Massive Success.   

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