Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ruby #1 - Page #1

“Ruby #1”

Page #1: Onyx sees a interview with Diamond declares Onyx to be dead from a battle with a previous superhero.

Since this is the start of the issue, the chaos roll is 5. I roll a 8 on a d10. That means this is normal page.

Question #1: Is a national broadcast like the Today Show?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 4. Exceptional Yeah.

Question #2: Is the interview with Diamond the last thing for the Today Show to be doing?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 98. Exceptional No!

Question #3: Is it at the 8:30 Mark?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 31. Yes.

=PAGE #1:

A click of a remote turn on the television to Taiyni Crzabasky's favorite network channel.

A regular handsome male1 reporter is standing on roof the United Network Building. The reporter is holding a microphone with the logo of “Breakfast News” TV show.

The reporter looks into the camera and said, “Gerald Bookstone will be coming by to see how the who the Holiday Shopping forecast will look by taking a look at what last happen on last week's on Black Friday.” He pauses as the camera turns from the reporter to to the sky – showing a blue streak of color. The reporter said, “I have a reason to be on the roof town as the most favorite superhero in the world is coming in for a visit, Diamond.”

Diamond lands appearing to her usual self – a tall blonde hair and blue eye woman dress in twin diamond earrings, a white tights, blue cape, and a pair of red boots. Diamond said in a cherry voice, “Seasons Greetings, Kevin Snew.”

Kevin, the reporter was blushing as the camera turn on. “Same to you, Diamond. Anything new plan for this season?”

Diamond said,”Yes. The video game maker, “Super Study” video game, make a deal with me for the rights to make a “Diamond” game where the teenagers can play as me and battle against some of my most famous villain such as Powermaster, Troll, Recluse and Onyx.”

Kevin asked, “Speaking of Onyx. She had a run in with All-American Girl six month back but they had been no sign of her since. What do you think happen to her?”

Diamond said, “They were fighting on cliff over looking the ship. Those sharp rocks must have make her look like Swiss Cheese.”

Kevin asked “Dead?

Diamond said, “Of course – and if she's dead, I don't have to worry about it.....”

A bullet from a gun was shot at the television as a female voice said, “Dead? Well, I'm your Ghost of Christmas Past, Diamond.” She paused and turn on her speaking phone, “Have the entertainment crew get a new television up to my office ….. the old one had bitten the bullet.” The last word was say as Taiyni Crzabasky yank the white sunglasses off her face. She paused again and walk to a closet where a long black dress hanged up. Taiyni said, “Onyx is back in business.” Evil laughter filled the room.

=P1: END=

Chaos: I decide to leave at 5 for now.

NPC Updates: None.

Threads: None.

Link to NPCs: ICONS: RUBY #1's NPCs.

1MYTHIC: Is the broadcast a beautiful female? My View: 50/50. Mythic View: 90. No. It's a handsome male.

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