Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Next Game For the Blog Is: PARANOIA RPG!

Thanks to recent books from Ultraviolet Books for the Amazon.com's Kindle Fire, the next role-playing game is "PARANOIA"


PARANOIA is a crazy pen and paper role-game that sounds like was written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, H.G. Wells, Oliver Stone, Double Fine,  and Mike Meyers. PARANOIA takes place in an after the end dome or underground city of Alpha Complex run by a insane computer know as Friend Computer who is scare of Commie, mutants and Commie mutants. "Happiness is mandatory". Computer as a color coded security clearance based on how much the Computer give a care about you. The following is from bottom of the color letter to top of it to their color of their uniform.

  • Infrared = Black
  • Red = Red
  • Orange = Orange
  • Yellow = Yellow
  • Green = Green
  • Blue = Blue
  • Indigo = Purple
  • Violet = Gray (To prevent confusion with Blues or Indigoes)
  • Ultraviolet = White.

The big secret is everyone in Alpha Complex is a mutant and a traitor to one or more secret societies. 


The rules here are option and to kept those secret from those who had yet to paid of PARANOIA RPG -- I'm going to use "Cartoon Action Hour: Season 2" rules with a little change. 12 is an automatic failure and will get Friend Computer's attention. 1 is an automatic success but will get INSECT (The Computer's Secret Polices) attention. All other numbers stay the same.


Good Question. For me, I think of the computer as a mad scientist far off in the deep end. For a twist, I make Friend Computer's a female.


You just talking about job groups:

  • Central Processing Units (CPU) = These guys are the guys that makes and modified the laws of Alpha Complex. They are two ways to modified them -- by either Friend Computer or a  High Programmer. 
  • The Mind Health Company (MHC) = In charge of filming stuff in keeping Friend Computer in a good light and both the Commies and Outdoors in a bad light. 
  • Researching and Developing (RAD) = In charge of planning and creating weapons.
  • The Element Company (TEC) = These guys in charge of power -- solar, fire, electric,  water, & nuclear....
  • Intercomplex Security (INSEC)=These are the goons that find Commie mutants traitors with in Alpha Complex themselves
  • Alpha Complex Armed Force (ACAF) = These guys are hunt down Commie mutants traitors outside of Alpha Complex
  • The Building Company (THM) = These guys built houses, markets, confession booths.


Fair question. The following is a list of my secret societies for my Alpha Complex. 

  • Anti-Mutants: A group of mutant haters that go around trying to kill mutants even registered ones.
  • Commie: Because of the Computer's crack-down on Commies, some Alpha Complex wonders decided on trying to figure out what the commie idea is.
  • Computer Freaks: These guys for messing with electric including Friend Computer just for the fun of it.
  • Corpore Metal: A group of bots who want to take over the Complex.
  • Clone Arrangers: A spin-off group of Computer Freaks forcing more on hacking and taking over Clone Tanks. Members get 10 clones instead of the usual six and clone returning.
  • Deaf Pumpkins: A loose group of who are trying to become 15 minutes of fame in a 15 second life.
  • Earth Mothers: A spin-off group of "The Humanist" when it was run by one of the most insane member of it, which was even. This contains mostly females. Much of history of Alpha Complex are told to their members.
  • First Church of the Computer: One of the largest Secret Society, they worship the Computer as a god. Usually they get off with a slap-on-the-wrist. 
  • Frankenstein Destroyers: These guys want to do wreck the robots. They had a fierce rival with Corpore Metal.
  • Enterprise Company: The guys who speak in bad Italian and dressed as mobs from the 1930s who run the  "Infrared Markets"
  • Humanist: This group want to take over the Computer, but are bog down by their own rules, their own red tape, and their own committees.
  • Lab Rats Inc: A group of mad scientists. Rumors claim they are as or greater insane then Friend Computer.
  • Mythic: The drug-out hippies who use drugs as tool to escape the real world.
  • PURGE: The goal for these guys is just to case as much damage to the Alpha Complex as they get away with.
  • PSION: These guys are the reverse of the Anti-Mutants who try to make sure mutants aren't feared. 
  • The Romantics: A group of people who are hook on media from the Pre-OOPS stage.
  • The Sierra Club: A society of clones that would love to all of their time outside.
  • The Union: The Union was though to be a Commie group in disguise and the Computer sent out groups of Troubleshooters to find. After two groups didn't find anything and got exterminated for laziness -- a group of Troubleshooters decide to find it just to have some to report. Now, it's a team of spies who spies on all players.

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