Thursday, December 22, 2011

Possible 2012 Deals

The following are possible actual plays for 2012. I might be doing them - but I making no promises on any of the following here:

  • January – A “Super Console” game.
  • February – May be a episode of “Ladies of Might”
  • March – A “Jinx” focused episode of “Hero Inc.”
  • April – Might be a ICONS game featuring Ruby
  • May – Unknown
  • June – Might be a fairy tale using PDQ.
  • July – An episode of one of the following: “Strikeforce Freedom”, “Hero Inc.” or “Spy Squad”.
  • August – Unknown
  • Sept. - Might be a “Meddling Kids” game set in a old college.
  • October – A episode one of the following:“Warriors of Cosmos”, “Wasteland 2010”, “Hero Inc.”, “Creature Busters” or “Ghost Girls”
  • November – Unknown
  • December = A Christmas Eve day with old Santa Claus.

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