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Christmas Surprize: "Hero Inc." in "A Super Christmas"

The following was a creation of mine which I used "Cartoon Action Hour" rule book to do the story itself. It's after the break Enjoy!


The city of York City is covered with enough snow to make a Tiny Tim green with envy. Christmas light and ornaments decked much of the city covered much of the city, and headquarters of Hero Inc was no exception to rule.

Though much of the heroes on patrol York Mall when a stampede of the regular human left the mall.

Sydax, a human created from the spider, landed by the Good Evilara, Teveza; the robot with the human brain, Kryst; and the skeleton hero with the large Ax, Terri.

Sydax joked, "It is just me or our we going to hand some his own hide."

Terri groaned, "That was one of worse jokes of all time."

Sydax joked, "Everyone is a critic."

Teveza said, "Get serious."

Kryst added, "We got to find out what make those people run!"


The four heroes find the problem at the Christmas Park, two large polar bear-like creatures appear to causing a mess.

One of the polar bears said, "Hello, Hero Inc. I'm Northy and he's Southy.

Southy added, "Our boss sent us to ruin York City's Christmas season!"

Kryst run up to Southy and lift him up. He landed on top of the fake Santa workshop that the mall put on.

Sydax joked, "Those elves did a good job."

Terri groans at Sydax's joke as she said, "Get serious!"

If Terri had X-Ray vision (she doesn't), Sydax would be grinning from ear to ear--as he point as lunched his web shooting body at the Northy, as the polar bear was trying to knock a camera stand down, smashing throwing Northy sending gears, wires, computer parts all over the mall.

Kryst stated, "They are robots!"

Terri said, "Let's rock!"

Southy asked as he jumped down from the place where Teveza placed him, "Is this Jingle Bell Rock?"

Terri shake her head in the American-ish "no" fashion--as she lifted her large ax at Southy tried a bear hug-like movie. Terri's ax missed the bear hug and hit the body, revealing a portion of the robotic systems--but not the heart of the robot. Southy was angry at Terri and decide the past idea was to use its claws against her. Despite Terri's dodge, Southy was successfully hit her into the biggest Christmas tree in the mall, knowing down a few Christmas tree ornaments on her head.

Sydax laugh as he joked, "Hello, Bumble."

Terri groan--but the other three didn't know it was from Sydax's joke or getting the Christmas items on her head.

Kryst said, "As our follow member, Queen Pace might, I got a ROYAL idea!"

Kryst grabbed one of the exposed wires from Terri's ax job, and tried to bring down the robot from the inside, but the computer wire she grabbed shake her--and sending her flying into cactus planet at Plant Ranch's widow. Planet Ranch being a Western-theme set-down restaurant.

Sydax run under Southy and climbed the back--but Southy quickly bolt while Sydax was half-way up Southy's robotic backside. Sydax landed in the pool.

Sydax joked "Now that what I call a splash down!"

Terri groaned weakly--that was one of Sydax's better jokes. She did a human skeleton version of running bull. Southy wanted to leave in a hurry. Southy quickly jumped when Terri was almost near him--and she crashed into Noodle Dishes, a store that sell china dishes.

Sydax jokes, "I heard of a bull in a china shop, but not a skeleton bull in a china shop."

Terri groan as she stumbled out of the Noodle Dishes store--covered in broken china plates.

Kryst decide to use her flight abilities right throw the upper chest area of Southy--she wouldn't have done it with humans--become she was afraid she might hurt them very badly--but robots were a different story. But when she got close, Southy jumped over her--and she landed right on top of Terri.

Sydax said, "I give that fall a 8."

Southy said, "I say that's a 10."

Teveza said as she lifted a statue, "Time to pop you--and I'm talking about pop music!" The statue throw right throw the robots smashing into pieces--sending wires, gears, and oil over all the mall's park.

A speed wind died down--it was Queen Pace, the royal-dressed Hero Inc super-speeder said, "What royally happen here?"

Sydax joked, "A polar bear robot party."

Queen Pace joked back, "Oh, just what his place royally need."

Terri said, "Get serious you two."

Queen Pace said, "Okay. I get royal serious. I was attacked by a robot version of King Krab."

Kryst said, "That's kind of ironic."

After a short laugh, Queen Pace said, "I need a map, I'm been on a Donna Doll caper--and just finished it."

Sydax asked, "Would that be running inference in your Christmas Rush?"

Queen Pace said, "I can't royal tell if was a real royal question or a royal joke question, but either way, you are royally right."


Back at the headquarters of Hero Inc, Terri meet up with Teveza, Sydax and Kryst.

Terri stated, "Well, the janitors are cleaning up the mall."

Kryst stated, "I wonder who make those robots."

Sydax asked jokily, "I wonder if I can get the maker's autograph?"

Terri said, "Get serious."

Kryst said, "We got a few subjects--but so far--not a size of them. Donna Doll's out we know as Queen Pace just defeated her."

The computer stated very loud, "HERO ALERT! HERO ALERT!

Kryst pushed a button on the company--revealing a sweating army general, Gen. George Goldbrick: "We got a truck load of giant toy soldiers on our hides. They immune to our weapons-and much of our jet fighters and tanks on the other side of the country!"

Kryst said, "Let's get a move!"


They was a large army of very large toy soldiers complete with laser rifles. It was a long battle complete with laser firing, strong punching from Teveza and Kryst, web slinging and web shooting from Sydax and ax-swinging from Terri. When it was cover, the Hero Inc. member would have been welcome to a holiday nap from his chaos event. Gears, wires, bolts, and oil covered the location. But Kryst spot with a piece of a golden in the pile. It read "Incorporated".

Sydax stated seriously: "Someone's went into the Hero Inc. destroying business."

Teveza said, "Well "Incorporated" removes the Six Sick Science Company from the long list of possible subjects."

Kryst said, "Right now, we are still in the dark. If we can get another one of these--we could get our annoyance of the day."

Terri said, "I'm going to check the mall--and since the janitors find anything"


The mall was someone what back to normal. Though the mall employees that play Santa and his elves were not yet--but she heard a wheel chair rolls in. Betty Stick was rolling in.

Betty said, "Hello, Christmas Ghost of The Future."

Terri said, "Hello, Myth with No Legs."

Betty laughed as she asked, "Most of the janitors here work for the FBI Agents."

Terri asked, "Et tu, Betty?"

Betty replied, "No. I was helping out with Queen Pace's Christmas Rush as par for the chose. But the head janitor is one of my disguises of my father, Donald Stick--and he wanted to past this to you."

Betty handed Terri another golden piece with the word, "Robots".


Santa Claus was in his South Pole back-up workshop-when his North Pole workshop was having problems.

One of Santa Claus's elves said, "That vile villain has really got his groove on. That battle with those robotic polar bears was epic.”

Rudolph, the famous red-nosed reindeer said, "That battle with the Toy Solider was a very close call as well."

Jessica Claus said, "At least they got part of the gears--and when finish it--we get the name of that hooded villain."

Santa Claus said, "I can't use the Snowball to see the villain--so he's alien is the only fact I know."


The four heroes were heading past to the Highway 58 a.k.a. The Famous Highway--were Hero Inc. had their first battle with Big Bang just after they were form.

A robot with tank wheels instead of legs speeded past them "Hasta, la visa, Hero Inc."

Teveza wasn't the fast member of Hero Inc. but she successfully caught up with the robot--and smashed into pieces--revealing another piece of the golden object: "Alien".

When she got back to his friends, she told what happen. They villain had a "Alien Robot Inc." Analyzing the golden piece a little more, Kryst make the discover that the villain has a K as a starting letter of his name and a R as a last name."


Santa said, "I think I know that item from a certain old series--but I can't place it right now."

Popper, the elf in charge of the Shopping Department, "I'm going to check the media we had. The villain might be in one of them."

Santa Claus nodded his head in the American "Yes" fashion as she said, "Make it, so."


Kryst said, "Things had been to quiet lately."

The computer went, "HERO ALERT HER ALERT!"

Sydax said jokily. "You had to say the five letter word: quiet!"

Kryst turned on to discover that York Zoo was being attacked by two giant robots appearing to be a King Moonrazer from the Island of Misfits in the Ranklin/Bass special about Rudolph that aired every singe Christmas season since it premiered in 1960s.


One arrival to the zoo, the flying lions landed close to the four heroes.

The lion with purple fur said, "I'm Soltax."

The lion with white fur added "I'm Lunax. Ready to rumble?"

Of course, all four heroes nodded. Teveza was up for running up to Lunax and kicked the legs--but the robot just slide back just a bit.

Sydax looked the most dangerous animal in the near by location. It turned out to group of real wild horses, and said, "Toro!, Toro!" while waving a purple cloth. Both Soltax and Lunax fall for it--and when they got into the cage, Sydax jumped out and the robots got rammed by the upset wild horses.

Usually, it's was only used for destroy machines or heavy door, Kryst decide to use her laser gun on Lunax, which damaged Soltax enough to reveal her system, despite Soltax using her shield--which a lot better then the robot polar bears from the York Mall.

Terri decide to try a copy of Kryst move with her ax on Soltax but Soltax and Lunax brought of their swords--which was somewhat successful--bouncing off the robot's sword but landing in one of the shoulders revealing the wires and bolts there.

Lunax getting mad at being almost destroy--lunched her lunching her sword at Terri, but Terri's hard skeleton body prevented it from hurting her.

Sydax joked, "Good thing you have impossible to open bones, Terri."

Terri added seriously, "Add nearly, and your joke would have been the truth."

Sawing that Terri can withstand attack from a sword, Soltax went a little different target with the same trick, Kryst--which worked--breaking a small portion by her left elbow despite Kryst quick dodge.

Terri was the first one to attack, she throw the ax at the exposed shoulder of Lunax. Lunax knowing that she's toast with butter and a side of orange juice--decide on making a quick escape--but the ax missed Lunax on the first go around, but bounced off a near-by sign post--and hit Lunax's head--destroying the robot--covering mostly Soltax with her oil.
Kryst picked up a trash can to throw at the Soltax, but it was quickly block by a kick from Soltax--and send back to Kryst--who ended up with the trash inside on her head.

Teveza decide on giving Soltax the old run-round trick, but Soltax block her with his hand and picked her up as she said, "What do you take me for: a toy robot?"

Sydax said as he started to swing toward Soltax, "That thought cross my mind." Before Soltax know it, his bottom chest area was exposing his wires and bolts there.

Terri walks up--and stated, "I going to see if I can do what you couldn't do with that polar bear robot."

Terri walked up to Soltax, grabbed a exposed wire and yanked it......pulling out Soltax's battery as, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NOOOOOOTTTT, MY BATTEEEERIIIIIIEEEEESSSSSSS!"

A large explosion from the Soltax robot covered everyone with oil, gears, metal and bolts from Soltax.

Sydax joked, "And tomorrow, they will be a shower of chocolate chips and whipped cream."

Terri groaned, "Get serious!"

Sydax joked, "I was serious! Serious hungry!"

Terri looked down at her foot, and discover the final part of the golden gear revealing. Putting the gear revealed the message, "Kraggor's Alien Robot Inc."

Teveza asked, "Where on Earth is Kraggor?"

Terri turned to golden gear over and read two familiar words which she shout at the same "THE NORTH POLE!"

"Great, Christmas is always ruined."

A familiar red suit man appeared before him.

All four heroes said at the same time, "Santa Claus!"

The red suit man nodded as he said, "I just discovered Kraggor was the villain in my workshop. I magic everyone there."


Santa's magic transported everyone to the North Pole. Everyone was near Santa's North Pole workshop.

Entering the building, they find Kraggor looking at a black portal computer. Kraggor waited, "WAIT for a Century for you to RECHARGE?"

Santa Claus said while laughing, "That robot machine was created by evil sister, Donna Doll. She used against a century ago. I find it--when it was on number 4."

Terri asked "But what about that fast robot on the highway."

A strange hood feature appeared before them. The hood was removed to reveal to Dr. Vanna Veil as she "That was mine! Me and Donna Doll wanted this place--but Queen Pace brought her jail this morning! I heard Kraggor wanting to ruin Christmas!"

Terri yelled, "I'm not going to do anything to anyone."

Dr. Vanna remarked, "Nice try."

Sydax groan. He turned to Kraggor as launch his web shooters as the Kraggor as he jumped-but Kraggor tripped over the Sydax and hit a pile of wrapped Christmas gifts--Kraggor went to his laser cannon and aimed it at Teveza, but it smoke a bit. Kraggor groaned--it never had that problem before--he assumed it damaged by the fail or Jason Bravesteel got a virus in it before he left his corner of the galaxy. Teveza decide to snare the arm of Dr. Veil with her Laser Whip as Dr. Veil was turning the necklace control to her Turbo Skates, but Dr. Veil got lucky as the Turbo Skates speed her up--and yanked Teveza into group of Hero Inc. action figures.

Kryst run up to a laughing Dr. Veil and decide to grab her, but Veil went up Kryst's robot legs--and Kryst ended up sliding into the kitchen--and come up covered in Ms. Claus's flour and chocolate chips.

Dr. Vanna Veil decide to jump on Terri, but as she head to towards Terri--she didn't see anyone--but someone grabbed her from behind, Dr. Veil turned to discover it was Terri who was smirking as best as a human skeleton could.

Santa Claus had been in thought as the battle was getting started--and he decide to try some Double Punch and Kick trick while learned during between 1967 and 1968 Christmas seasons on Kraggor as Kraggor decide to dodge. Kraggor was able to dodge the first kick and the first punch, but he got the second kick and the powerful second punch right in chest area--sending him flying to some left-over Christmas wrapping paper.

Kryst sighted Dr. Veil going to her evil laser gun as Kryst reached for her own--both of them knock back--but Kryst back-tripped over a elf-size table.

Sydax decide to cover the entire floor with his web-shooter but Dr. Veil saw that move and move in to knock him out--but the web was too much for her--and she lost her Turbo Skates--but lucky, her Sydax's web don't work on socks--but she slide into Mr. Claus's office chair.

Dr. Veil discovered that was close to Teveza, and she decide to crawl and yank Teveza's legs around-which despite the sticky of Sydax's webs work.

Dr. Veil smiles as she said, "Good thing, I know to wear socks when handing cold weather."

Teveza groans as kick Dr. Veil in the head--which make her slide back into the same location as Santa Claus.

Santa Claus went to his Christmas magic to heal Teveza, which worked well. It was back to full strength but Dr. Veil was getting close to being tired out. Now she uses his Christmas magic to close a large snow storm inside his own workshop--which started as soon as he was finished with his special magic.

Sydax jumped into the rafters to drop on Dr. Veil at later point.

Teveza decide on kicking Dr. Veil again--while Dr. Veil is just trying to hold on, despite the stick floor and Santa's magic she kept a good hold on that good Evilara humaniod.

Terri decide to throw an ax at Dr. Veil's body, while hit with despite attempt double leg grab from Dr. Veil--freeing Teveza from Dr. Veil's arms.

Santa Claus disappeared, but Dr. Veil tried to locate him, but failed as she felt solid but invisible arms grab her--but when she heard, "Dr. Vanna Veil, you have been a very naughty girl."--she's knew she is toasted with butter brain.


Santa entered where the Heroes Inc. learn cleaning up his workshop.

Terri asked, "So what do the two villains?"

Santa stated, "I placed Kraggor on a uninhabited planet that's supports animal life. Dr. Veil is in charge."

Kryst stated, "We all most in figuring--but they is something I think I forget!"

A large foghorn followed by a loud voice staying "MERRY CHRISTMAS! MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Santa stated, "Great Icebergs, that's my alarm clock. I always set it midnight so I'm ready for my Christmas sleigh ride!

Sydax joked, "Can we helped you with your delivers!"

Santa replied seriously "The more the merrier!"


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