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A New "Cartoon Action Hour: Season Two" Series: Molly



It all started in April 1, 1980 in Woscom, California. A mysterious paper called, “The Moscow Crypt” had appeared in town at 6:00 AM out of nowhere and reported that the Soviet Union had enough money to buy N.A.S.A from the United States sixteen times over. The White House, the Kremlin, and N.A.S.A call it a some strange silly rumor.

Not for Jason Kigg, the owner of “Kigg Kicks”, an animated story in Woscom itself. He compared “The Moscow Crypt”'s news-type to one in “The Woscom World” – it was a match. He know that Moscow Crypt was a hoax by Woscom World.

Jason Kigg called the location television newscasters and told them of the hoax being played by Woscom World. By noon on April 1, 1980, Woscom World's hoax was damaged – and then had to admit to they would behind “Moscow Crypt” hoax.

There was no hard feeling between “Kigg Kicks” and “The Woscom World”. In fact, May 23, the final run of new cartoon episodes for the 1979-1980 season ended was a day that Jason Kigg meet “The Woscom World” founder, Martin Drolaw. At the end of decade cartoon, Martin calls animated studio's head and talk about the kid show of the previous decade. Martian and Jason lack of shows featuring a girl at it's main character that had stay on for more then one season.

Martin Drolaw and Jason Kigg started looking for girl names coming with a collection of names starting with A and going all the way to Z. They were remove with only a few exceptions by Sept. 8, 1980, which made Martin and Jason vow to get a name for their animated girl cartoon show before Sept. 8, 1981.

On April 1, 1981 at 7:00 AM, there was a discovering of a what to appeared to broken time machine. Exploring the city, they discover two green hair and gray hair wearing outfit that won't be out of place in a 1950's sitcom. They were looking for their daughter. At 12:00, the alien. girl was fond – her name was Molly Zakiyak. The aliens explains themselves – and exchanged for promise to keep their visit secretly – they give a cartoon bible for a future cartoon.

The cartoon was “Molly”. They were able to cast all but by Molly's voice by June 4, 1981. One day, Molly Kigg enter the office. She had a good voice – but it give Martin that that he was got a hoax backed on April 1 – as Molly Kigg sound Molly Zakiyak. Jason laughed – pay back in spades. Molly Kigg offered to be Molly.

With it, they got the pilot animated and aired in a theater on August 28. The critics approved of the movie – and “Kigg Kicks” got in high-gear – and “Molly” aired on television on Sept. 11, 1981.

It last two season – but in make reappearance on kids network such as Toon City and Slime Network though out the 1990s.

On May 2, 2001, the now 35-year old Molly Kigg decide to make a live-action movie based on the old cartoon. She used “Sandman's Park Films” to do the movie.

In July 2, 2001, “Molly: The Movie” was consider “harmless fun” by the critics The movie was just Molly before, during and after the first episode of her cartoon strengthening the friendship between the four friendly aliens. It was consider the best live-action take on a cartoon series ever.......
When it come out on “DVD” on Black Friday, it was out of stock until April of 2002. Rumors had been reported that they may be a recreation starting after the point after the movie ended – but had been no news from

The Genre:

The genre is Kid Stuff featuring teenage alien in a science-fiction future. Molly and her friends accidentally gets involved in any 1980s style plot you can think off......

The Series:

Earth has explored space and had found all aliens. About 95% of aliens are friendly with Earthlings, so they is usually hardly any trouble.

Earth has become a second home for a lot of aliens. Molly Zakiyak is one of them. Her family were Shapesian from the planet, Shiftata. That means that she can change her body into what ever shape she wants.

Befriended by Tazia, a girl who befriend Molly at the local school – allow her two meet her friends, Kariza and Dalonia – and their problem with Vainixa, the school's bully.

Vainixa thinking Molly was from her own planet, Beataxu, hired thugs to attack Molly and herself inside in the mall – hopefully to kill Molly but when Kariza used her Visorian's Mind Power and Dalonia used her Merydira abilities to protect Molly and Tazia. Being upset, Vainixa blow out her own fire powers – toasting Molly. But a second Molly's voice giggles.......and reformed into a robot. The defeat Vainixa was found by Togax, a Gorbian and Tazia's brother. Togax was about to ponce on Tazia for problem – but Tazia took her her Gorbian form to protect herself and explain that Vainixa was behind the problem.

This make Molly, Tazia, Dalonia and Kariza friends.


The following are the technology status for the world.


Flying cars, business and trucks are most planet travel. For galaxy travel, it's a spaceships.


Everyone house, school and business as a video phone. Outside houses, you have to walk and talk to a person.


With the Earth becoming peaceful – they had remove all of the nuclear and toxic weapons. With help of the aliens – the Earth government got laser guns and flying tanks.

PoPPs Guidelines:

The following are the PoPPs Guidelines for this show.

PoPPs: 45 PoPPs
Maximum Traits (Regular Traits): 5
Maximum Traits (Action Figures): 9
The PCs must have one alien power.
# Magic is very rare here.

Molly and Allies' Cannon's Stats:

The following are common stats for Molly and her allies.



“The Teenage Shape-Shifter”
Appearance: When not shape-shifting, Molly usually appears in a blue hair and yellow eye teenage girl dressed in a purple dress, blue jeans and sneakers.

Factoids: “Likes holo-toons”, “Has a big family”, “laughs after revealing an surprise”

# Weirdness Magnet

Traits: Shape-Shifting 9 (Specialty x2), Agile 1, Smarts 2, Driving 1, Computers 4
Stats: Oomph 4, Threshold 12, Battling Rating 9



“Molly's Gorbian Friend”

Appearance: With her human illusion, she appears to be as white hair teenage girl with white eyes dressed a long white dress and white high tops. Without her human illusion appearance, she appears to a gray robot with red optics dressed in a long white dress.

#* Mental Hang-Up (Doesn't not like her real form.)
#* Emotions Ties (To her brother, Togax)

Traits: Human Illusion Device 8 (Enhancer +4, Advantage: Makes other creatures think she's a regular human, Accessory), Agility 4, Strength 6, Alien Body 6
Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 11, Battling Rating 8



“The Visorian Teenage”

Appearance: Kariza appeared to look like Asian-American teenage girl with blonde hair with a pink strip in it and green eyes dress in a white shirt, blue jeans, and sneakers.

Traits: Mind Powers 9 (Cluster: Attack/Defense, & Misc), Staff 2 [Enhancer +1, Accessory], Agility 4, Smarts 3, Swimming 1, Weak Body 1x,
Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 11, Battling Rating 4



“The Merydira Teenager”
Quick Bio: Dalonia appears to a purple hair and orange eye teenage girl in wheelchair with no legs dress in a long green dress – though closer eyes will see that she has a orange mermaid-like tail sticking out the back of her wheelchair.

Factoids: “love to sing”, “wishes to have legs”

# Physical Flaw: No legs

Traits: Swimming 5, Agility 4, Sword 6 [Enhancer +3, Accessory], Wheelchair 6 [Enhancer +3, Disadvantage: Only protects her back, Accessory], Good Eyes 4, Smarts 2, Singing 3

Stats: Oomph 3, Threshold 11, Battling 6


Vainixa's Cannon Stats:

The following is Vainixa's cannon stats:


“The Mean Beataxu Teenager”

Appearance: Vainixa appears a red-hair and purple eye teenager dress in a long black dress and sandal.

# Mental Hang-Up (Highly vain)

Traits: Appearance 3, Agility 4, Temper 1x, Driving 3, Beataxu Flame Abilities 8 (Clusters: Attack & Defense), Treating Teenagers 5, Strength 5, Quick Thinking 2, Smarts 2

Stats: Threshold 11, Battling Rating 8

Episodes Seeds:

“Molly's Christmas Eve Mission”:

After a Christmas play about Santa Claus, Vainixa vows to catch Santa Claus when he visits the city. Molly comes up with a idea to prevent her from catching Mister Claus by becoming his double and dropping coal into Vainixa's stocking. She is able to do so – making Vainixa mad at Santa Claus – when she returns to her home, Molly meets the real Santa Claus who thanks her for protecting her.

“The Holo-Game Screw-Up”

It turns out Vainixa wants a date with Callion, a new beautiful male but he's more interested in Molly for some reason. Vainixa uses her abilities to lock Molly and her friends in school's holo-game room. Molly and her friends have some tall order: find the theme park owner, repair all the rides, and defeat the villain of the game before the holo-game room allows them outside.

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