Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Surprise: Santa's Stats in "Cartoon Action Hour: Season Two"

The follow is Santa's stats for "Cartoon Action Hour: Season Two"


Santa Claus
"The Christmas Eve Toy-Giver"

Appearance: A fat old bearded man with grey hair and blue eyes dress in either a red sweater and red long-johns or the familiar red hat, red coat, white gloves, red pants, and black boots.

* Mental Hang-Up (Loves children)

Traits: Driving 10 (SP x2), Piloting 10 (SP x2), Toy-Making 10 (SP x2), Agile 9, Smarts 11 (SP x2), Quick Thinking 9, Children Research 11 (SP x2), Naughty & Nice 100 (Enhancer +50, Adventage: Adds the Enhancer bonus to Children Research trait, Accessory), Elf Knowledge 12 (SP x2), Winged Reindeer Knowledge 12 (SP x2)

Stats: Threshold 12, Battling Rating 100


If I broke a rule or three, I need to do so --- Santa is a powerhouse of magic.

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