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Ruby #1 - Page #5

RUBY #1 – PAGE #5

Ruby is planning on either following one of the remaindering clue or patrolling for another Onyx's crime.

Chaos Rating: 6

Question #1: Is she following the Los Angeles gangster's letter?
My View: 50/50
Mythic: 96. No

Question #2: Is she following she following is the Black Hood's letter?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 29. Yes.

Question #3: Does she find the Black Hoods'?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 37. Yes, she does.

Question #4: Is anyone else present?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 93. No.

Question #5: Are they doing a crime?
My View: Very Likely.
Mythic View: 16. Yes.

Question #6: It is a robbery?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 26. Yes.

Question #7: Bank robbery?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 79. No

Question #8: Sport Stadium robbery?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 90. No.

Question #9: Theme park robbery?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 13. Yes.

Question #10: Is this being leaded by a super-powered villain?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 17. Yes.

Question #11: Should I random roll the villain?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 36. Yes.


Name: Black Laser
Origin: Birthright
  • Prowess: 4
  • Coordination: 6
  • Strength: 5
  • Intellect: 5
  • Awareness: 1
  • Willpower: 4
  • Force Field: 4
  • Animal Control: 4
  • Blast (Laser Gun): 3
  • Leadership (Expert)
  • Wrestling
    Stamina: 9
    Appearance: Black Laser appeared to a tall man in a black hood with red eyes carrying a very high-tech laser gun.
Background: Thomas Oreh had a love affair with superheroes and superpower. This love affair ended when his mother and his father were normal boring everyday – until the arrival of some of the Sisterhood, who killed his mother, and his father getting his kill during his battle with Diamond. His father's brother, Black Writter, arrived and took Thomas to a hidden Black Hood based. Black Writter explained his mother was Black Shield and his father was Black Animal, power members of the Black Hoods. Thomas took to crime like a duck to water. During one crime wave, he stolen a government laser gun with the help of the animal control he got from his father and the force field he got from his mother. This give him the title of Black Laser
  • Contacts: Black Hoods
  • Enemy: The Sisterhood


Question 12: Is he in the mood for a chat?
My View: Very unlikely
Mythic View: 11. Yes. Random Event: 54 = Ambiguous Event. Rolls: 18 & 40. Phrase: “Move Of Exterior Factors” – Thomas is a very good mood since he give some member of The Sisterhood a good beating a week ago while the Sisterhood was moving their city's headquarters .

Page #5: Ruby meets up with Black Laser

Chaos Roll: 4 < 6 = Interrupt! Someone else is present!

Q1) Is it Diamond?
My View: 50/50
Mythic View: 30. Yes.

=Diamond's Stats=

Name: Diamond
  • Prowess: 4
  • Coordination 3
  • Strength: 10
  • Intellect: 3
  • Awareness: 4
  • Willpower: 5
Height: 5'11
Weight: 140 lbs
First Appearance: ICONS TEAM-UPS #33 1
  • Flight: 8
  • Invulnerability: 8
  • Super Senses (Extended Hearing, Extended Vision, Infrared Vision, Microscopic Vision, Ultrasonic Hearing Hearing, & X-Ray): 6
  • Business (Expert)
  • Performance – Acting
Stamina: 15
  • The World’s Most Popular Superhuman
  • Diversified Portfolio
  • Stunning Entrance
  • “Fame is Power”
  • Appearances Matter... A Lot
  • Scandalous Secrets


Diamond isn’t a villain per se. In fact, as far as the public is concerned, Diamond is one of the
most popular superheroes on the planet. She appears on the cover of glossy hero magazines like
SUPER!, Metahuman Monthly, and Heroes Unmasked on a regular basis. Her exploits are covered
breathlessly by the national and world media. Posters of her hang in college dorms, women dress
in her fashionable clothing line, and her recent autobiography, “In the Rough”, is a best-seller. She
is more than a hero, she is a one-woman industry. A superstar.

She is also a fake.

Brandi Czabasky (her real name, although she’s long since legally changed it to “Diamond”, and
destroyed her original records) manifested her powers in adolescence — they are very real. However,
her desire for fame and adoration is even more real. Since her powers manifested, Brandi has
single-mindedly pursued a single goal — becoming the most-loved, most popular, most famous
superhuman on the planet. If Brandi believed anything, it was this: Fame is Power.

So, small-town girl Brandi crafted herself into Diamond — the epitome of beauty, fame and power.

She carefully crafted her public persona — teaming up with other heroes (letting them do most
of the work, before stepping in and delivering the final — and extremely photogenic — blow),
licensing her likeness to product manufacturers, signing on as a celebrity spokesman for a number of
companies....and then she moved up to the next level. Taking the earnings from her endorsements
and merchandizing, she started to fund small-time supervillains anonymously, purely so that she
could swoop in at the last minute (once the cameras had arrived) and “save the day.”

Today, she’s a marketing powerhouse, who occasionally dabbles in superheroics — sometimes
combating threats of her own making (power-suited shock troops whose armor has a weak spot
that only she’s aware of, for example), and sometimes muscling in on real heroes and taking the

=Diamond: END=

That's Onyx's rival. She been fighting crime today because he wants to lure out her “copycat”, Onyx. This means Ruby has to protect Black Laser from Diamond.

=Page #5=

Tracking the Black Hoods were tough – but thanks to a report about that strange hero-turned-villain, Black Flame,burning down a Sisterhood headquarters a few months ago – lead her to the Sisterhood's new headquarters and to the Superhero Theme Park, a theme park based on superheroes. In front of the roller-coasters, she see Diamond throwing around Black Hoods members like they were rag bags. One of them was high point of Diamond roller-coaster shooting his lasers.

The laser-carrying goon said, “Well, I don't care if you Cultuhu, this heroine is just waiting to become villain!”

Diamond yelled, “Black Laser, you and your Black Hoods are trying to rob this park and I don't allow it.”

Black Laser replied, “Did you give Black Card a case of gold eight months ago?”

Diamond blushed as she throw a roller-coaster's car at Black Laser. Ruby unleashed her vines to grab the roller-coaster's car successfully and quickly set it down, giving make Diamond blink and Black Laser give off a friendly laugh. 2

Diamond said, “I been fighting crime trying to lure out Onyx.”

Ruby remarked, “I found blood soak letter at Onyx's art heist that seem to come from Black Hood.”

Black Laser stated, “That must be Betty Blood. Every time, she has a crime – she bleeds. She's one of the lowest of lowest. She was kicked out for leading a section of the Sisterhood to one of our Japan bases. The letter got to her reject letter from one of the higher ups...but I'm not.”

Diamond blinked as she said, “I though the Black Hoods don't talk too much!”

Black Laser laughed, “I am in a good mood because just a me and few other members of the Black Hood give a good beating to the Sisterhood a week ago! If you can scare that fake superheroine out of this park, we give up to the police.”

Ruby asked, “Fake superhero?”

Black Laser said, “Underground rumor: Diamond’s super heroine act is just a lot of hot air. Sure this her powers are real but she uses her money to buy super-villains to do crime to for her to stop....”

Diamond said, “Onyx must be started that rumored!”

Black Laser said, “Here's part two for you: Onyx had explored every nook a crook of Diamond’s company but she thinks telling the police would do not good – as you know Diamond is one of the most popular superhero ever.......so she decide to the same act as Diamond but with her fake villain arc!

Diamond recalled, “Only the press and the government got a look at my company – every bit of it! Once I take care of that superhero version of the Creeper, I'm going to mop the floor with you! Then I going to pick on Onyx!”

Diamond flies as fast she can towards Ruby. Ruby tried to jump out of the way, but got hit by Diamond's flight attack. 3 Ruby pick up a trash can and throw at Diamond cover her with trash! 4

Black Laser and his Black Hoods cohorts started laughing.....

Diamond yelled, “MY COSTUME!!! NOW I READY MAD!!!

Diamond start to rush at Ruby. Ruby tries to dodge left – but Diamond gets close enough Ruby to pinch a red leaf from Ruby's head.5 Diamond stopped right in front of Ruby and smiled – holding the red left she pinched from Ruby's head. Ruby smirks as she unleashed her vines covering Diamond up.6

Diamond remark, “Let me go! You can't proof the rumors are true!”

Ruby said, “I am.......but you not going to like what I'm going to do with you for now!”

Diamond looked spooked as Ruby roll her vines to herself, grabbed Diamond and throw Diamond hard right. 7

Black Laser said, “That's good enough make to her land in far way from the city. Ok. Black Hoods listen up. A deal is a deal – and with that fake superhero will give up to the police as soon as they arrive. Need anything more?”

Ruby said, “Nope. I'm fine, I got my information I required. Miss Blood can lead to Onyx.”

=P5: END=

NPCS: Add “Black Laser”, “Betty Blood”, “Black Card”, & “The Sisterhood” to the NPCs.

Threads: Change “Check the Black Hood letter” to “Find Betty Blood”

Chaos: Down to 5.

Links to NPCs/Threads: Ruby #1's NPC/Threads.

Wow. That was a long page........

1DR THINKER: I wonder that that up-coming “Team-Up” book is going to list all the heroes including silly ones like Diamond.
2ICONS: Coordination Check. 7 + 2 + 1 = 10. Massive Success!
3ICONS: Coordination Check. Must beat a 8. 7 – 3 = 5. 8 – 3 = 5. Diamond scores a hit. Ruby is at 8 Stamina
4ICONS: Coordination Check. 7 – 4 = 3. Major Success! Diamond is at 12 Stamina.
5ICONS: Prowess Check. 10. 6 + 2 = 9. 10 – 1 = 9. Ruby is at 7 Stamina
6ICONS: Coordination Check. Got to beat 3. 7 + 7 – 4 = 10. Massive Success.
7ICONS: Coordination Check. 7 + 0 = 7.   

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