Sunday, December 4, 2011

Random Mythic Game Emulator for Superhero Genre

The following is my superhero genre table I going to be using for Ruby's battle against Onyx

  • 1-5 = Remote Event
    • This means the heroes are not present for the event in question.)
  • 6-10 = Introduce a Friendly NPC (Family, friends, co-workers, superheroes on your side, retired super-villain, regular city citizens, etc.)
    • This means that a new good NPC. If it's a Superhero, I do the creation for the superhero as in ICON's rule book.
  • 11-20 = Introduce a Not-So Friendly NPC (henchmen, monsters, and super-villains)
    • This means doing a new. If it's a super-villain, I will be working on roll up his plot and his origin similar to the super-power.
  • 26-30 = Move away a thread
    • This moves to give problems to the thread in question
  • 31-33 = Go toward a thread
    • Give PC help to close a thread
  • 34-36 = Close A Thread
    • Get rid of a thread.
  • 37-38 = PC Negative
    • The PC gets into a issue where he gets into trouble.
  • 39-49 = PC Positive
    • The PC goes something good!
  • 50-55 = Ambiguous Event
    • Unclear events that happened. The heroes are not present for it.
  • 56-60 = Friendly NPC Negative
    • A friendly NPC gets into trouble.
  • 61-65 = Friendly NPC Positive
    • A friendly does something good!
  • 66-80 = Not-So Friendly NPC Negative
    • The bad guys get intro trouble
  • 81-85 = Not So Friendly NPC Positive
    • The bad guys something to help their side.
  • 86- 90 = Now Event
    • A Now Event means the PCs are present when the event happens.
  • 91-100= NPC Action
    • A NPC takes action for good or bad.

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